Kelly Osbourne and a vegan chef are engaged.

Chris Brown had his probation revoked on Monday by a judge in Los Angeles after he was charged in a hit-and-run traffic accident.

Already, one of the Zimmerman jurors says she’s going to write a book on her experience.

Good news out of Randy Travis’s hospital room. He’s awake and has stabilized.

Microsoft has sliced the price of its Surface RT by $150. It’s now yours for just $349.

Tina Turner arried her longtime German partner and will reportedly celebrate the union in a Buddhist ceremony in Switzerland Sunday.

Thomas George Paculis of Newfield, NY, appeared in Chatham County Superior Court on Tuesday morning to enter his not guilty plea to charges he tried to extort embattled celebrity cook Paula Deen.

Harvard University announced Tuesday that 39-year-old rapper Nas is being honored with the Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship at its W.E.B. Du Bois Institute. It’s a joint venture with Harvard’s Hip-Hop Archive.

Showtime has renewed “Ray Donovan” for a second season after only airing three episodes.

The new Twinkies are here. They’re smaller and have fewer calories than their previous incarnation.

Johnny Depp is heading back to the rabbit hole for “Alice in Wonderland 2.”

McDonald’s has begun their annual “Monopoly” game, a little earlier than usual, as they try to boost sales.

Emily Kraus and her boyfriend were on their way to a Dave Matthews concert in Hershey, PA, when they saw a bicycle rider with a flat tire. They offered him a ride and it turned out to be… Dave Matthews, out for a pre-concert bike ride.

After two seasons, ABC Family has canceled the series, “The Lying Game.”

Regis returns to TV next month with a new show on a new cable channel. “Crowd Goes Wild” premieres in August with the launch of cable channel Fox Sports 1.

Stevie Wonder says he’ll be boycotting Florida in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict. No more concerts there, for now.

Consider yourself warned — a sequel to “Sharknado” is in the works.

A rare flower is now in bloom at the U.S. Botanical Garden in Washington D.C. Its nickname is the corpse flower because it smells like rotting flesh. [And the new Lone Ranger movie.]

 The Royal baby could come at any time. [They expect a normal delivery but are prepared for an emergency C-section if the baby has grandpa’s ears.]

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. TOPS FORBES LIST _ Robert Downey Jr. tops the new Forbes list of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors. According to the magazine’s estimated earnings between June 2012 and June 2013, the Iron Man 3 star grossed $75 million.

WATCH A SAD MOVIE TO LOSE WEIGHT _ Sad movies are a dieters best friend. Researchers gave two groups a milk shake. One group watched a happy movie, the other group watched a sad flick. Who sucked down more of their milkshake? The happy movie watchers — nearly 100 calories more. Conclusion: Happy movies make you eat more.

MCDONALD’S MONOPOLY: WORSE ODDS THAN LOTTERY _ McDonald’s Monopoly Sweepstakes is back, and with it comes worse odds of winning than the lottery. While it’s not to difficult to win a free apple pie or large fries, Business Insider says the chances of winning the $1 million grand prize are one in three billion.

If you could get away with it, and there were NO consequences, would you PUNCH YOUR BOSS IN THE FACE?  In a new survey, 73% of men say no and 27% say yes.  People REALLY want to punch their coworkers though.  51% of men say they’d punch a coworker if they could get away with it.  That means the MAJORITY of men want to punch a coworker in the face.

According to a new report, the Vatican says that if you follow POPE FRANCIS on Twitter during Catholic World Youth Day at the end of this month, he’ll grant you something called “indulgences” . . . which REDUCE your time in purgatory and get you to heaven faster. 

This seems like cheating.  In Japan, apparently there’s a new plastic surgery trend where people are getting lines etched into their palms . . . so when they go to PALM READERS, they’ll get the fortunes they want.  Like, if someone wants to get married but has a short “marriage line” in their palm, they have a surgeon extend it.  The procedure costs around $1,000. 


TOP TV _ Last week’s top TV shows: Under the Dome (CBS); America’s Got Talent (Wednesday, NBC); America’s Got Talent (Tuesday, NBC)