(DIY Life by Mrs. Fixit) Whether plastic or wood, these old laundry standbys have loads of household potential beyond the clothesline. If you’re old enough you’ll remember your grandmother’s clothes line and helping her hang the laundry. Here are some handy household uses for clothespins.

  • If your vacuum cord keeps retracting on its own. Clip a clothespin onto the cord up near the vacuum. The clip will keep the cord extended out instead of all twisted and knotted together.
  • Speaking of cords, label the side of some clothespins and use them to identify cords on your electronic equipment.
  • In the kitchen, clothespins are an inexpensive way to close up bags to keep food fresher longer.
  • Looking for a cute way to display your children’s artwork? Thumbtack a line of string or yarn across one wall and use clothespins to attach their works in faux-clothesline fashion.
  • You can also glue magnets to the back of clothespins to hold important papers or kids’ drawings on the fridge.
  • Use a clothespin to hold a tiny nail so you can easily drive it into place.
  • Clip your shoes or socks together with clothespins so you don’t have to hunt down the other half of a pair.
  • In the office, use clothespins to keep stacks of papers together if you’re out of binder clips.
  • Turn an ordinary hanger into a skirt hanger with the use of a couple of strategically placed clothespins.
  • Use a pair of clothespins to secure the edges of a garbage bag to the rim of the pail so it won’t slip down.