Mondays can be hazardous to your health but you can breeze through them with a smile on your face and a song in your heart, and actually make them the best day of your week, with tips from a leading expert. “Mondays are so stressful that they can be life threatening,” declares psychologist Hermann Kruger. “The highest proportion of workplace injuries happen on Monday,” said the expert “and it’s also responsible for an increase on-the-job heart attacks. But you can sail into Mondays bright-eyed and busy-tailed and yes, even make it the happiest and most productive of your week,” with these tips:

Don’t stay out late Sunday night.
Just take it easy — and on Monday morning you’ll head for work refreshed and raring to go.

Take a look at how you spend your weekend.
If you’re exhausted after two days off, schedule more leisure time for Saturday and Sunday.

Exercise on weekends
Working out will help keep your muscles loose so you’re much less likely to hurt yourself when you get back into action Monday.

Avoid heavy, fatty foods Sunday night.
Research shows that heart attacks frequently occur after eating heavy, fatty meals and many heart attacks happen on Monday mornings. By combining the two you’re playing with fire.

Try to wrap up projects on Friday if you can.
You won’t worry about the unfinished work all weekend — and you’ll arrive at work Monday with a fresh outlook.

Allow extra time to get ready Monday mornings.
Arriving late will cause stress and get you off on the wrong foot.

Don’t over-schedule your Mondays.
If you can, avoid setting urgent deadlines for Monday and spread your workload throughout the week.

Plan as few chores as possible for Monday nights.
If you always do the laundry on Monday nights, for example, consider switching it to a different day. Unwind instead.

Line up a pleasant social activity for Monday.
Have lunch with a co-worker or rent a video you’ve been wanting to see.

Eat breakfast Monday morning.
Have an energizing meal of juice, cereal and some type of protein. If you don’t, your blood sugar will be so low by mid-morning, you’ll be dragging your heals.