This weekend, there will be a lot more hidden in that sexy bikini than a bunch of curves. The color of each crowd pleaser broadcasts a message to the opposite sex. Dr. Gilda Carle, a psychotherapist and sexual relationship expert, made a study of bikini messages and know how you can use them to make waves. Here is her lighthearted look at what different color bikinis are saying:

  • Red — “I’m passionate, available and ready. Gals in red bikinis are offering men titillation because it’s the color of passion.”
  • Black — “Seductive, sophisticated, it means there’s some mystery and secretiveness to the woman who wears it. She’s saying here I am guys, but I’m not throwing myself at anybody.”
  • White — “I’m puritanical, I’m tough to get to — but I’m still wearing a bikini. It’s the best color to show off a tan. It means don’t touch — but look, look, look.
  • Pink — “I’m wearing a bikini but I’m really a sweet girl. It’s a wholesome color,” said Dr. Carle, author of “Don’t Bet on the Prince: How to Have the Man You Want by Betting on Yourself.”
  • Green — “The color of money. If she loves to wear green, it means she’s materialistic.”
  • Blue — “The color of the sky — and the sky’s the limit. Pale blue is a little like pink — open and inviting. Gals who wear dark blue are especially outgoing and radiate self-confidence.”
  • Yellow — “What a great way for the wearer to say she has a sunny disposition. Perky and upbeat, she’s open to meeting new people.”
  • Orange — “Very much like red. A hot passionate color like its wearer, who’s self-assured and not afraid of a challenge.”