Jason Sudeiikis confirmed on Letterman this past week that he’s NOT coming back to “Saturday Night Live” this fall.

Forbes magazine has released their annual list of the top colleges in the country. In the #1 spot, bouncing Princeton out of the top spot last year, is Stanford.

A group of 10 black former “American Idol” contestants are suing the show, claiming that producers dug up their arrest histories to get them thrown off because of their race.

The home Chuck Norris lived in while making the series, “Walker, Texas Ranger,” and that was used in the show, is for sale. Yours for just $1.2 million.

Lady Gaga will perform the first single from ARTPOP at the VMAs, set for August 25 in New York.

The North Carolina-based home furnishings company that markets Paula Deen’s furniture line is one of the few sticking with the embattled celebrity chef.

Target is now offering to match online prices.

Sandra Bullock says “The Heat” was a one-time thing with Mellissa McCarthy. There will be no sequel.

Now a third woman has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Jimmy Fallon’s new daughter has a name: Winnie Rose Fallon.

A 31-year-old French woman had a pack of at least six felines attacked her while she was walking her dog. The woman sustained several injuries on her legs and arms, including a nicked artery. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment, while her pet poodle, which was also wounded in the cat attack, was separately transported to a veterinarian clinic.

When ANTHONY WEINER talked with women online, he used the fake name CARLOS DANGER.  Which is FANTASTIC . . . except there’s a 37-year-old doctor in Miami whose REAL name is Carlos Danger.  And it’s been AWFUL for him since the Weiner news broke.  He’s been flooded with phone calls, and is refusing to talk to anyone. 

There’s a public water faucet in southwest Florida that could be the closest thing to a real Fountain of Youth . . . the magnesium levels in the water might actually be making people live longer.  The only problem is . . . it’s also RADIOACTIVE.  Still, tons of people drink from it, including an 88-year-old woman who’s been drinking it EXCLUSIVELY for over 40 years.

They’ve perfected the peanut butter jar.  Basically you twist it from the bottom, and the peanut butter rises . . . so you don’t have to scrape it out with your finger.  And it works for other stuff too.

There’s a game show in Pakistan that gives abandoned babies to childless couples, in an attempt to win the ratings war during Ramadan?