The Top Ten Passion Killers

What used to be called the seven-year itch is now the three-year glitch. Why? Couples’ passion begins to noticeably cool after just three years of marriage, according to a survey from The Daily Mail. Here’s the top 10 passion-killers:

  1. Weight gain or lack of exercise
  2. Lack of money
  3. Longer working hours
  4. Hygiene issues
  5. Overexposure to the in-laws
  6. Lack of romance and sex
  7. Drinking too much alcohol
  8. Snoring
  9. No more sexy lingerie
  10. Toenail clippings left on the bathroom floor

As couples become more annoyed with each other, they spend less time having sex. 52% of newlyweds reported having sex at least three times a week, compared to just 16% who were still having sex that frequently on their third anniversary. More than half admitted they have to schedule romantic time together.