Remember how we were supposed to be getting new $100 bills? Actually, they were supposed to go into circulation two years ago. It turns out there was a printing error… with too much ink on 30 million bills. So, they all had to go back to the print shop and be reprinted.

Sandra Oh has announced that this is her last year of playing Cristina Yang on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Cher is dropping f-bombs on Twitter after a duet she recorded with Lady Gaga leaked out. Cher claims it wasn’t even the right version and while it was intended for Cher’s next album, Lady Gaga didn’t like how it turned out and had it pulled from the album.

Carmen Electra had a six month relationship going with Simon Cowell until she found out she was the third wheel… and that Cowell and his baby mama, Lauren Silverman, were an item.

That clown who wore the Obama mask at the Missouri fair has been banned for life from Missouri state fairs.

HTC would like to be back in the forefront of the cell phone world and so has hired Robert Downey Jr. to be their spokesman for the next two years.

If you’re still using Microsoft Windows XP, you might consider an upgrade as hackers are said to be planning a major viral attack on the system next year.

Jennifer Aniston says she would rather shave her head than have to go back to “the Rachel” hairstyle again.

Cory Monteith has one more movie appearance on the way. He plays a drug-dealing addict in a film called, “McCanick” that will be out this fall.

If you’re keeping track at home, Britney Spears spent $6.8 million on fast food and bargain shopping last year.

Taylor Swift’s childhood home is for sale in Reading, Pennsylvania. Yours for only $799,500.

Manny Ramirez is a free agent again after the Texas Rangers released him from a minor league contract.

The Nirvanna album In Utero is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a remix at Abbey Road Studios. Special edition CD’s, DVD’s and more are on the way.

MOST WOULD KEEP WORKING AFTER LOTTERY WIN _ A poll of U.S. workers shows two thirds of respondents would keep working even if they won a $10 million lottery jackpot. The poll found 44 percent would keep their jobs if they won $10 million in the lottery while 23 percent would seek new employment. Thirty-five percent said they would quit working.

Jennifer Aniston changed flights to avoid being on the same plane with Angelina Jolie. [And they both changed flights to avoid being on the same plane with Alec Baldwin.]

EVER SKIPPED A WEDDING FOR FINANCIAL REASONS? _ If you get invited to a wedding do you feel obligated to go, and if you don’t, is it required to send a gift? A new poll (by American Consumer Credit Counseling) found 43% of us have decided not to go to a wedding for financial reasons. But 36% of respondents say being invited means going, even if it means going into debt.  

TACO BELL TESTING CHICKEN & WAFFLE, VERY BERRY WAFFLE TACOS _ The same Orange County, California, Taco Bell location which first introduced the world to the still-testing Waffle Taco back in May is currently testing two new Waffle Tacos: Chicken & Waffle and Very Berry.

TWO-FOOT-LONG ALLIGATOR FOUND IN POTHOLE _ A 2-foot-long alligator was discovered in a rain-filled pothole in Joplin, Missouri, and turned over to the local humane society. It will be taken to an animal sanctuary.

BACHELOR STAR DIES AT 29 _ Gia Allemand died Wednesday at a New Orleans hospital following a serious emergency medical event. She was 29. The former Bachelor star passed away Wednesday after being taken to the hospital Monday night. A rep for the reality star, who appeared on season 14, confirmed that she died after being listed in critical condition for unknown reasons. Similarly her cause of death is still unknown.

If you won the lottery, would you head back to your job the next day?  According to a new poll, 44% of people say if they won a $10 million lottery jackpot they’d STILL go back to their job.  35% would quit. 

A new survey asked kids between two and 12 what they wanted to be when they grew up.  The top five answers were:  Doctor, athlete, teacher, dancer, and police officer.  Astronaut and lawyer didn’t make the top 10.  And believe it or not, boys were more likely to want to be dancers than girls. 

There’s a SECRET POSTURE that supposedly helps you get whatever you want . . . it’s called the “KINDLY BRONTOSAURUS.”  Stand off to the side in someone’s peripheral vision . . . lean forward a little . . . clasp your hands in front of you . . . smile . . . and never stop looking at their face.  Eventually they’ll help you because you look friendly and respectful . . . and SUPER ANNOYING.

Last week, a strip club in Baltimore sent out invitations for a beach-themed event, and included SAND in the envelopes.  But when people opened them, they thought it was ANTHRAX and called 911.  Police responded to at least two calls and scrambled a hazmat team before they realized it wasn’t dangerous.