Four Superpowers Normal People Think They Actually Have

Being superstitious means thinking YOU can change events with superpowers.  Like these four, from an article on

1.  Influencing the outcome of sporting events.  If someone told you they could make the Spurs win with their mind, you would say they’re insane.  But that’s no different from wearing a lucky jersey, or not washing your socks during the playoffs.

But let’s face it . . . unless you’re paying players to throw games . . . if you’re not a player, you don’t count.  Ever tried to get some to miss a foul shot?  That.

2.  Communicating with inanimate objects. You’d be surprised, but a LOT of people think they can talk to a car and get it to start.

3.  Reading omens and signs.  People want to BELIEVE the universe is trying to tell them something:  You lock your keys in your car on the way to work, and that’s supposed to be some sort of message that you shouldn’t go.

4.  Making bad things happen by joking about them.  Like when you wake up on a sunny day, and make a joke about rain, and suddenly someone wants to blame you for ruining their picnic.