Alex Rodriguez was supposed to appear in an animated film called, “Henry and Me.” His scenes have been cut.

Kanye West attended the Dodger game in L.A. on Wednesday. But when they put him up on the big jumbo-tron screen, the crowd booed him. Yet, minutes later when Robin Thicke was shown, the crowd cheered.

11.8 million people tuned in for the season premiere of “Duck Dynasty.”

They’re on store shelves in Japan and they could be coming to the U.S. soon: Pepsi-flavored Cheetos.

Bill Hader is shedding a little light on his days with “Saturday Night Live.” He says during the first two seasons, he suffered from panic attacks. So much, he’d often stay up all night on Fridays before a show.

Because we need to know these things, Budweiser is apparently the beer of choice among injured E.R. patients.

Hanna Davis is the girl spending a lot of spare time on Derek Jeter’s arm these days. 23, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model… pretty much what you’d expect. The rumor — they’re engaged. Oh, by the way, their age score? 39 to 23.

For the record, America has 25% of the world’s prison population.

The dating website for married people,, says that most people start their affairs within 36 hours of going online.

“Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson was in New York City this week promoting his show when he was temporarily kicked out of his hotel. They apparently didn’t like the way he looked. Jase called it “facial profiling.”

A New York City cab driver has had his license revoked for making sexually suggestive remarks to customers. [He kept asking women if they wanted to see his autographed pictures of Anthony Weiner.]

FACEBOOK HACKER BREAKS INTO ZUCKERBERG’S TIMELINE _ A hacker found a Facebook bug and tried to report it to the social media giant, but couldn’t get through to anyone. So he go the company’s attention by posting a message to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Timeline.

A BEER WITH NO HANGOVER _ Australian scientists claim they might be able to take away the beer hangover. Nutrition experts at the Griffith Health Institute made some beer that was more like Gatorade. In essence, the scientists added electrolytes to the beer.

CHURCH SINGS TO MEMBERS: GET OFF FACEBOOK _ An unnamed church has created a song that tells its members to keep their business off of Facebook. Someone recorded the choir singing “Keep Yo’ Business Off Of Facebook” and uploaded it on YouTube.

CUP NOODLES BET LEADS TO GIANT JUVENILE PRISON RIOT _ Two basketball teams at a Florida juvenile correction facility got into an argument that turned into a  four-hour riot. The argument began over three Cup Noodles containers.

SMOKING BAT _ Authorities found a bat with a cigarette in its mouth in a suburban Denver park.

Getting up very early could be bad for your heart health, according to a recent study of more than 3,000 healthy adults. People who habitually get up before 5am are nearly twice as likely to develop high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries as those who get up two to three hours later. And early risers who begin their days with vigorous exercise are especially at risk for heart problems.

According to experts, at some point in their lives, almost HALF of men experience REVERSE ANOREXIA . . . where they think they’re not large and muscular enough.  It’s nicknamed “bigorexia,” and can lead to risky decisions, like taking steroids.

Believe it or not, a neuroscientist in California says TANNING is better for your brain than classical music or puzzles.  Those give you a temporary boost in concentration . . . but going out in the sun helps your LONG-term brain function.  Exercise, eating well, playing an instrument, and having sex are also good for your brain. 

Last week, a hacker found a security hole in Facebook that let anyone post to anyone’s wall, even if they weren’t friends.  Facebook gives $500 rewards to people who find bugs like that, but they ignored this guy’s emails.  So he proved it . . . by posting on MARK ZUCKERBERG’S wall.  Facebook fixed the bug, but didn’t give him the reward . . . since he violated their terms of service.

Last month, there were riots with lots of fighting and vandalism in Huntington Beach, California after a surfing championship.  Last week, the police posted photos of rioting suspects on Facebook.  And they caught one of them when his cousin TAGGED HIM in the comments . . . and he “LIKED” the photo.

THE BUTLER OPENS AT NO. 1 _ The Butler brought in a modest $25 million to claim the No. 1 spot at the weekend box office. The much-talked-about Ashton Kutcher movie Jobs debuted at No. 7.