Lee Thompson Young, who played the main character on Disney’s “The Famous Jett Jackson” and most recently a detective in “Rizzoli & Isles,” has died after an apparent suicide. He was 29.

Childless guys are surprisingly more likely than women are to be jealous of friends with kids, even bummed or angry about missing out, a researcher at Keele University found.

Prince William and his wife Catherine on Tuesday released the first official photographs of their baby son George.

Former child star and X-Factor judge Demi Lovato will be appearing on “Glee,” opposite Lea Michele.

If you do one thing. Do nothing. Lounging around is actually a productive way to fight aging. And awfully convenient. It’s important to relax and reduce stress, since it can screw with your skin, sleep cycle (The body repairs itself at night)

John Mellencamp’s two adult sons were wanted in connection with a July assault. 19-year-old Hud Mellencamp turned himself in on Monday.

Al Pacino has settled a tax bill with authorities just weeks after he was slapped with a lien for non-payment. He was accused of failing to hand over almost $32,000 dating back to the years 2009 and 2011.

People who claim they’re full after a nibble of dessert aren’t total liars. A study reveals that if you indulge a little and put the rest away, the craving will pass after 15 minutes. I’s that out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing.

Justin Bieber was kept waiting at an airport in Florida on Sunday while sniffer dogs checked his team’s luggage for drugs. He made headlines last month when Canadian border patrol police in Michigan found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in one of his tour buses.

HAVE YOU TEXTED IN YOUR SLEEP? _ A study discovered that up to 35% of us have had a text conversation while still sleeping. The conversation, which is mostly gibberish, starts when our phones start beeping or buzzing, prompting our brains to go into auto-pilot and return the text. It’s not always gibberish, though. The study found men usually text about food while women tend to get romantic.

MAN FALLS ASLEEP IN DRIVE-THRU _ A driver fell asleep at an Erie County, New York, McDonald’s drive-thru with the car engine still running. Troopers arrived at the scene and woke up Blair, who voluntarily gave a breath sample. Troopers found he was drunk.

HULK HOGAN WANTS CHRIS HEMSWORTH TO PLAY HIM _ If Hulk Hogan had his way, Chris Hemsworth would be trading Thor’s mighty hammer for a body slam. In an interview the pro-wrestling legend was asked about who he’d like to see play him in a planned biopic and he likes Chris.

According to a new survey, the average woman doesn’t figure out her ideal hairstyle until age 36.  Then by 46, she decides she’s too OLD for it, and opts for a more mature look.  That’s also the age when the majority of women think ponytails, bleached hair, and visible roots are no longer acceptable.

A new study asked people what they’d do if they saw a bus speeding down the street, and it was either going to hit their dog or a foreign tourist.  Which one would they push out of the way?  And 40% of people . . . including 46% of women . . . say they’d save their DOG over the stranger. 

In just the last week, SEVEN people in Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Michigan have been attacked by BEARS.  Fortunately, it’s just random, unlucky chance . . . bears haven’t decided to go on the offensive against humans.  And none of the seven people were killed.

Last week, a 64-year-old man in Quebec wanted some REVENGE on his estranged wife for serving him divorce papers.  So he filled up his tractor with MANURE, drove to her house, and dumped it in her HOT TUB.  Then he got into a low-speed chase with the cops . . . because his tractor couldn’t really go above 10 miles-an-hour.  He was arrested. 

Stupid Photo Trend:  Hot Dogs or Legs?  It’s just a tumblr page with photos people took of their legs at the beach, or in front of the TV . . . wherever.  And because it’s just a couple of bare legs, they look like hot dogs.  And in some cases, the photos ARE of hot dogs

The world record holder for longest hair has 55-FOOT-LONG hair.  She’s been growing it for 25 years, it’s caused her to have a curvature of the spine, and she STILL won’t cut it.