Things In Your Workplace That Convey Authority & Weakness

Here are 7 objects that convey authority in the workplace, according to Marc Salem’s Mind Games.

  1. Your diploma. Some people think it looks tacky, but it demonstrates ability, pride and confidence. Don’t give it center stage though.
  2. A family photo. It defines who you are.
  3. A dumbbell. Set it on the floor in full view. It says to your co-workers, “I take my health as seriously as the company’s.”
  4. A map or globe. It demonstrates you’re a big picture thinker.
  5. A signed anything. It conveys importance through association.
  6. A set of something. Encyclopedias, rare books, whatever. It shows you have a focused and curious mind.
  7. A ticking clock. It says, “I’m important and busy.”

Here are 6 things that suggest weakness:

  1. A messy desk. How can you control your corner of the company if you can’t control your own work space?
  2. Formica furniture. You’re not even important enough for wood.
  3. An outdated cell phone. Stay up-to-date with current trends much?
  4. Cardboard boxes. Going somewhere?
  5. Anything orange. It suggests emotional instability. Couldn’t tell you why.