According to a report on the tech site All Things D, Google CEO Larry Page met with NFL executives, including Commissioner Roger Goodell, on Tuesday. The league’s exclusive deal with DirecTV for Sunday Ticket expires after next season.

Was Bachelor star Gia Allemand dumped by boyfriend Ryan Anderson just before taking her own life? That’s the implication of a new report.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s food police have struck again! Outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content, reports CBS 2 in New York.

Former teenage idol David Cassidy of ’70s television series “The Partridge Family” was arrested and charged with felony drunken driving on Wednesday.

From the “it had to happen” file comes word that a new company, taking advantage of the sexting saga of New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, is marketing Carlos Danger “Weiners.” Carlos Danger is one of the alter-egos reportedly used by Weiner in steamy text exchanges with Sydney Leathers that became public in July.

Promoter Sid Bernstein, who brought the Bealtes to Shea Stadium in August, 1965, has died.

A new Chipmunks series, “Alvinnn! and The Chipmunks,” is set to debut in 2015. The show, which has been in development since 2010 when it was called “The Chipmunks and Chipettes,” represents the first time that the characters will appear in CGI for the television format.

NPR reports that the longtime radio show host and pianist Marian McPartland has died.

The cause of the sudden passing of actress Lisa Robin Kelly is still a mystery. On Sunday, the Los Angeles coroner’s office said will be another eight to 10 weeks before toxicology results return from the lab.

A study carried out by the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in the UK has proved that snoring can be reduced simply by singing. Choir director Alise Ojay is the inventor of “Singing for Snorers” exercises.

A survey among business people found that the least respected brand in this country is Delta Air Lines. It beat out both Philip Morris and Denny’s. [It’s a sad day for your company when people think less of you than the guys down the street who sell cancer and heart disease.]

ARE YOU MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? _ Think about this — is the person you married “the love of your life?” One in seven of us say ‘no.’ The survey of 2,000 people discovered that 73% admit they have ‘made do’ with their partner because their “true love slipped through their fingers.”  

SAMSUNG INTRODUCES FLIP-PHONE WITH ANDROID _ Miss your old flip-phone but like smartphone technology? Samsung has the Galaxy Golden — a phone with two 3.7 inch displays, one on each side of the lid. That means you can use the phone like a normal touchscreen handset or flip open the phone and use it like a traditional flip-phone with a dialpad.

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you’re probably a couch potato. If your ring finger is longer, chances are you love to exercise. Men tend to have a shorter index finger in relation to their ring finger, while the two fingers tend to be the same length in women. The so-called “male pattern” — whether it’s seen in men or women — often means there is more aggression and greater athletic ability, while the “female pattern” is associated with stronger verbal skills.

All that cramming in college was about as smart as the rounds of vodka shots. “If you study for five consecutive hours, you will not remember nearly as well as if you study for an hour five times a wee,” says Francis Crinella, Ph.D. coauthor of Brainfit. Learn a fact in the morning and review it before bed. Shut-eye helps bolster memories.

CHAIN SAW-WIELDING MAN SLASHES NEIGHBOR _ Preston Smith was in a Chicago hospital bed Wednesday, trying to figure out what on earth would make his friend of 40 years attack him with a snarling chain saw. Smith told cops: “I think he got a little intoxicated – a lot intoxicated.” Smith said he suspects his friend was depressed after losing a job as a car salesman.TV

TONIGHT: SHARKNADO _ In case you missed it the first two times around, Sharknado is back tonight (6p CT, SYFY).