“Law and Order: SVU” is planning an upcoming episode that will combine elements of the Trayvon Martin shooting as well as allegations of racism against Paula Deen, reports Entertainment Weekly.

ABC’s “Good Morning America,” celebrated Thursday its 52nd consecutive week leading the morning show ratings.

Actress Anna Kendrick has stripped down to a black bra and poses with the ultimate “come hither” look in a photo spread inside the September issue of GQ magazine.

A study found that those who worked in a tidy office space are more likely to donate to the charity and choose an apple instead of a candy bar. That is, they did the “right” thing — the thing that was expected of them.

Rosanna Arquette has wed for the fourth time. The “Pulp Fiction” co-star exchanged vows with fiance Todd Morgan at a private ceremony in Malibu, CA, on August 13 after a two-year engagement.

FOX is seeking around $4 million for a 30-second commercial in next February’s Super Bowl.

Aretha Franklin has issued an update on her ongoing health problems after a spate of cancelled appearances this summer, branding her recovery “absolutely miraculous.” She’s been battling ill health over the last few months. But she has declined to specify the nature of her problems.

In Germany a stoned bodybuilder sneaked onto the private plane used by the President of Germany. He stripped to his underpants, sprayed the fire extinguisher, released the emergency slide and danced on the wing. [And changed all of the FM radio presets.]

CANON TO UNVEIL FACEBOOK-READY CAMERA _ If snapping photos for your Facebook with your smartphone is too amateur, Canon’s got a camera for you. The company is currently accepting pre-orders on its online store for the Facebook-ready PowerShotN, which is set for a September release. The camera enables one-click sharing to Facebook using a button with the social network’s logo (using built-in Wi-Fi).

PAMPLONA-STYLE BULL RUNNING BEGINS IN U.S. THIS WEEKEND _ Americans will soon be running with the bulls at a Virginia drag-racing strip. The Great Bull Run, tomorrow (August 24) at the Virginia Motor Sports Park, will be an American adaptation of Pamplona’s San Fermin running of the bulls. 

WANT TO LOOK YOUNGER? SHAVE THE BEARD _ A new survey found men with beards look around 5 years older than those that are clean shaven. When people were shown pictures of celebrities with and without facial hair, they said beards made them look on average 5 years older.

According to a new survey, the average single woman washes and changes her sheets every two weeks.  The average single MAN washes and changes his once every THREE MONTHS.  That’s only four times a year.

What are some of the stupidest things we were afraid of as kids?  Here are some of the best picks:  Clowns . . . the dark . . . what’s underneath the bed . . . the closet . . . people in costumes . . . and escalators.

Here are a few random stats to get you ready for football season.  A study found die-hard football fans eat HEALTHIER the day after a win . . . and worse the day after a loss.  53% of fans have a superstition where they wear certain clothes during a game.  And 62% say their favorite place to watch is at home.

According to a new survey, it takes the average person four days, eight hours, and 24 minutes on vacation before they FINALLY fully relax.  And almost one out of five people say they NEVER completely relax, no matter HOW long the vacation lasts. 

IN THEATERS THIS WEEKEND _ The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (PG-13); The World’s End (R); You’re Next (R)