In case you haven’t heard, the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s nationally broadcast telethon, has a new broadcast home: the ABC Television Network. The network has signed on to air the two-hour MDA Show of Strength Telethon on ABC stations on Sunday, September 1.

MTV’s VMA Awards were up 66% with 10.1 million viewers on Sunday night.

CBS is bringing back “Love, American Style.”

Kate Gosselin filed papers Monday in Philadelphia in which she claims Jon Gosselin hacked into her computer and phone accounts and stole her hard drive to get personal information for a 2012 tell-all book, “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.”

Stereophonics rocker Kelly Jones was wheeled through an airport on a luggage trolley after twisting his ankle during a booze binge in Japan.

Rapper Fat Joe (aka Joseph Cartagena) has just turned himself into a Miami prison to serve his 4-month sentence for tax evasion.

Jamie Campbell Bower’s movie career is leaving its mark as he has a new tattoo after wrapping each film. “The Twilight” star has several inkings, including designs on his chest and arms, and reveals he heads to his tattooist after the last take on each of his projects.

Eminem announced that he’ll release a follow-up to his landmark 2000 album “The Marshall Mathers LP,” deemed “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” in November.

O.J. Simpson’s house is set to be repossessed on Tuesday. He stopped paying the mortgage on the four-bedroom property in Kendall, FL, in 2010 and reportedly owes more than $892,283, in back payments.

42-year-old reality TV star Taylor Armstrong got engaged to boyfriend John Bluher at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico last Thursday.

Boxer Mike Tyson came close to committing suicide after the tragic death of his daughter in 2009, he told Britain’s The Sun.

A Phoenix man who claimed to have fathered 54 children has died. [A back-to-school shopping receipt will do that to a father of 54.] 

FARMERS’ ALMANAC SAYS COLD WINTER _ The Farmers’ Almanac came out Monday and says we’re in for a “biting cold” winter. And if its predictions are right, the first outdoor Super Bowl in years will be a messy ‘Storm Bowl.’

A CUPCAKE THAT COSTS $750 _ In Las Vegas, The Palazzo hotel’s most expensive creation is the $750 Decadence D’Or cupcake. The cupcake is made from some fancy, expensive ingredients and is topped with edible gold leaves.

REJECTED FOR A LOAN? BLAME YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS _ You’re already concerned about your credit score; one day you may also have to be concerned about your Facebook friends – because a few tech startups are using social data when determining whether to loan you money. One company checks out whether your Facebook friends list includes anyone who’s ever been late paying back a Lenddo loan, and, if so, how often you interact with that person.

We’ve seen this before, and it’s ridiculous every time:  A homeless man in Oregon robbed a bank of ONE DOLLAR so he could get free healthcare in jail. 

For back-to-school season, parents are giving their kids fake tattoos that list their allergies.

Your work is about to suffer because of Labor Day . . . and your Labor Day is about to suffer because of work.  According to one new survey, about HALF of Americans admit their productivity goes down right before a long weekend for a holiday.  But another survey found work gets revenge . . . because the average person gets bummed out about going back to work by 4:00 P.M. on a holiday.