10 Foods You’re Eating Wrong!

Are you careful not to order certain messy foods when you’re out a restaurant? It might not be so messy if you were actually eating it the right way! Here are 10 messy foods that we tend to eat incorrectly.

1. Buffalo Wings – If it’s a drumstick hold the wing with both hands using your thumb and index finger. If it’s a wing, pull the bones apart and you’re left with a boneless wing.

2. Chili cheese fries – grab the clean end of a fry with your finger, flick of the access toppings and pop it in your mouth.

3. Sloppy Joes – When you make the sandwich leave space on the edges so that as you eat meat wil push out but won’t fall off the bun.

4. Burritos – Keep it wrapped in the foil as high as it can go as you eat and if excess falls out use a fork to eat it.

5. Corn-on-the-cob – use the plastic ends on each side and don’t over butter.

6. Spinach – add a little fat so it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.

7. Candy Apples – don’t eat the apple upright, turn it on its side like corn on the cob.

8. Powdered doughnuts – set it down, tear it in pieces and then eat it a little piece at a time.

9. Watermelon – kick out the seeds with your fork and eat it in tiny pieces so you don’t have juice running down your neck.

10. S’mores – make your marshmellow medium instead of well done – the chocolate won’t get as melty and the marshmallow won’t get as gooey.