The inventor of the Foam Finger, Steve Chmelar, says Miley Cyrus “Took an honorable icon and degraded it.”

The Justice Department says it will not attempt to challenge state laws that allow for the medical and recreational use of marijuana as long as the drug sales do not conflict with new federal enforcement priorities.

James Spader has been cast as the formidable foe Ultron in the next “Avengers” movie, Marvel announced Thursday.

Former Batman star, Michael Keaton, thinks that Ben Affleck will be “great” as the caped crusader.

Jay Z has premiered his new “Holy Grail” video on Facebook to more than 17 million Facebook fans.

Valerie Harper has reportedly put her terminal cancer battle on hold to compete on “Dancing With The Stars.” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” star, who turned 74 last week, was given just three months to live, but she is reportedly doing well and says Harper has been practicing with her dancing partner Tristan MacManus.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and her fiance Cutter Dykstra welcomed a son named Beau on Wednesday.

Clint Eastwood and wife Dina have reportedly separated after 17 years of marriage. Dina confirmed the news on Thursday, telling Us Weekly she and her husband remain close but they have been living apart for some time.

Black Eyes Peas singer Fergie is a new mom after giving birth on Thursday to Axl Jack Duhamel, who entered the world in Los Angeles and weighed in at seven pounds, 10 ounces.

Charlie Sheen just wrapped up the 50th episode of “Anger Management” and it has now emerged he could earn an impressive $150 million if the show hits 100 episodes, making it eligible for syndication. The 100th episode is set to be filmed in October next year.

Kylie Jenner, who has only been a legal motorist for 18 days, has already hit her first accident. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashian” star was driving in her Calabasas, CA, neighborhood Wednesday afternoon when she slammed into the back of a Toyota, which then hit another car.

Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson received $100,000 to exclusively introduce their baby son, Ace Knute, on the latest issue of Us Weekly reports the New York Post.

There’s now a new home pregnancy test that tells a woman how far along she is in her pregnancy. [That way she’ll know if it happened that weekend with the New York politician or the previous weekend on the yacht with Simon Cowell.]

COLORADO UNVEILS ITS NEW LOGO _ For many years, Colorado has had a state flag and seal, but until now it’s never had a unified brand. That’s all changed, with the release of this new logo design. It’s based around a green-and-white triangle with a snow-capped peak — purposely reminiscent of the state license plate — sitting atop the letters CO. | logo

SISTERS FIND $206,000 IN DEAD BROTHER’S COUCH _ French police said three sisters brought in over $206,00 they found stashed in their deceased brother’s couch. The sisters traveled from Algeria to clear out the apartment that belonged to their brother. The women discovered the money and a social security card and bank card belonging to their father, who died in 1995. Police think the women’s brother had been continuing to collect on his father’s pension in the years following his death.

BRYAN CRANSTON WON’T PLAY LEX LUTHOR – YET _ Hold everything. Bryan Cranston isn’t actually signed on to play Lex Luthor in the next Superman movie. The rumor originated on a fake comic book news site called Cosmic Book News. Cranston responded to the rumor by saying, “Give me a call. I like Lex Luthor. I think he’s misunderstood. He’s a lovable, sweet man.”

According to a new survey, 76% of parents say they’re SECRETLY HAPPY their kids are back in school or about to go back.  Only 24% of parents say they’re bummed their kids are back in class.

There’s really a disease for everything now.  A 57-year-old man in Scotland was just diagnosed with Chronic Lateness Syndrome.  No, that’s not a condition that’s officially recognized by the psychiatric community.  But the man’s doctor says the condition comes from the same part of the brain as ADHD . . . so the man can’t focus on how long things are going to take

A few weekends ago, a teenage girl in Oregon called 911 to report she was home alone . . . and there was a, quote, “MASSIVE FREAKING SPIDER” in her house.  She said it was the size of a baseball.  Believe it or not, a cop actually went to her house and killed the spider.  He said it was closer to two inches, and he killed it with a rolled-up newspaper.

NEW IN THEATERS THIS WEEKEND _ Closed Circuit (R); Getaway (PG-13); One Direction: This Is Us (PG)