9 Ways Having A Partner Makes Life Better!

1. It Makes You Richer–Married people boost their wealth by four percent each year. That means about $43,000 by their tenth wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, singles average $11,000 after 15 years. The reason? Sharing expenses and household lets allowed couples make more.

2. It Lowers Your Stress–When the going gets tough, people in stable relationships keep it together better than singles. Scientists studying hormonal responses to psychological stress discovered that singles had higher levels of cortisol than marrieds did. Cortisol is the fight-or-flight hormone we’re born with to help us run fast from predators or cope with modern-day stress.

3. It Protects Your Heart–Having a partner you “heart” has a physiological benefit. Married survivors of coronary bypass surgery are three times more likely than unmarrieds to be alive 15 years later. The higher survival rate seems to be linked to being happily married.

4. It Makes Your Wounds Heal Faster–If you have a significant other, it seems that you’ll heal from cuts faster. Being in love boosts your plasma levels of the hormone oxytocin.

5. It Foils Depression–Happy couples have the blues less often than singles or people in bad relationships. A study found that people who had long-term partners they were satisfied with had higher spirits than people who were unattached. Women especially seem to benefit emotionally from pairing up.

6. It Helps You Live Longer–Get married and you could lower your chance of dying young by 15 percent. Solid partnerships provide positive emotional support and keeps people away from risky behaviors.

7. It Helps You Clean Up Your Act–Having a long-term partner tends to keep alcohol abuse and drug use to a minimum.

8. It Helps You Make Better Investments—Married people tend to build their wealth more successfully than singles. They put more of their money in better-performing stocks than more slowly accruing bank CDs. Once you’re in a stable relationship, you tend to plan more effectively for your future.

9. It Reduces Your Number Of Doctor Visits–Thanks to all the clean living, people in long-term partnerships schedule fewer doctor appointments than singles. Caring for someone else inspires you to eat better, quit bad habits and plan for the future.