A conservative group is trying to push for a section of Maryland to break off and form the 51st state.

“The X Factor” returned to Fox on Wednesday night, shedding roughly 22% of last year’s premiere audience with 6.2 million viewers.

Carson Daly joins NBC News’ Today show as host of the Orange Room, a new digital studio that will be part of the morning show’s redesigned set. Daly will continue to host “The Voice” and his radio program, but will no longer host his late night talk show “Last Call.”

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are expecting their first child together.

Marion “Suge” Knight was arrested Wednesday in Los Angeles on a misdemeanor traffic violation and an outstanding warrant.

“The Killing,” which AMC brought back from the dead, has been canceled again. This time for good.

A recent Lavalife poll found that 68% of single men size up a girl for a second date in 8 minutes or less.

A whole bunch of new faces to learn on “Saturday Night Live” when it returns with Tina Fey as host, September 28.

Jenny McCarthy is with Donnie Wahlberg these days.

A “Breaking Bad” spinoff about Saul is happening.

Prince William and Kate have hired the woman that was his nanny when he was growing up.

Sinead O’Connor showed up on a stage last week with two new red-inked tattoos… on her face.

The Best Buy CEO has sold $17 million worth of company stock to help pay for his divorce.

QUIT YOUR YELLIN’ – Saturday is the National Hollerin’ Contest in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina. 

Pope Francis has a new Pope Mobile. [It’s the Pope Mobile 5S.]

VOYAGER 1 HAS LEFT THE SOLAR SYSTEM (FOR REAL) _ Voyager 1 has finally left our solar system, years after completing its primary mission to tour Jupiter and Saturn. It was a decade ago that scientists began talking about Voyager 1 probing the outermost edge of the solar system. 

FIRST LADY TELLS AMERICA TO ‘DRINK UP’ _ Michelle Obama wants America to “drink up.” The first lady on Thursday helped launch a national campaign to encourage everyone to drink more water.

TV TONIGHT: CMT CROSSROADS _ Rock legend Stevie Nicks and award-winning country trio Lady Antebellum share the stage (10p ET, CMT).

NICOLE KIDMAN KNOCKED DOWN BY PAPARAZZO _ Nicole Kidman is reportedly pressing charges against a paparazzo who knocked her down after slamming into her with his bike Thursday afternoon in New York City.

A new study has figured out how long it takes to go from meeting someone to becoming a COUPLE . . . all based on how you communicate with technology.  It takes an average of 163 text messages . . . 70 Facebook messages . . . 37 emails . . . and 30 old-fashioned phone calls to become a couple. 

The most popular recipe in the history of the Internet is . . . a pretty generic lasagna.  A 43-year-old from Dallas posted his mom’s lasagna recipe on the website back in 2001 . . . and it’s been their most popular recipe ever since.  At least 12 million people have viewed it in just the past five years.  The lasagna uses sweet Italian sausage, ground beef, and ricotta cheese.

Last month, a Mexican restaurant in Arizona accidentally got 74 customers sick with chicken that was contaminated with E. COLI.  All 74 people had an outbreak of EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA.  And now the restaurant is trying to make amends . . . by giving away free burritos on Monday.  That should do it.

A pizza place in New Hampshire is offering students a free slice for every “A” they get on their report cards.  And if you can recite the Gettysburg Address, you get a whole pizza.

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