7 Exotic Food Delicacies

Here are seven of the world’s more exotic delicacies, what they actually taste like — and where you can try, or avoid, them.

  • Tarantula, Cambodia – Tastes like: scrawny chicken wings coated in especially sweet plum sauce. With hairs on.
  • Puffer Fish, Japan – Tastes like: fish, and not very tasty fish at that. Gourmets claim its subtle flavor and fine texture is second to none, but, as with asphyxiation sex, one suspects the risk is half the fun.
  • Ortolan, France – An Ortolan is a songbird, that people eat bones, beak and all. Tastes like: crunchy hazelnuts with a brandy aftertaste-not surprising, as the unfortunate birds meet their death in a glass of Armagnac. I can think of worse ways to go.
  • Puffin, Iceland – A seabird that some say tastes delicious! Tastes like: a fishier, gamier version of chicken.
  • Crocodile, Australia – Tastes like: gristly chicken. I’d stick with chicken … or Australia’s other, bouncier inhabitant, the kangaroo, which tastes like the world’s best steak.
  • Mature Eggs, Cambodia – Eggs are cooked shortly before they’re due to hatch. You stick your spoon in and the yolk oozes out, closely followed by a chicken foetus. Tastes like: Chicken and egg.
  • Snake, China – Tastes like: chicken, but with a beefy texture.