Best Deals In October!

October is so close to November that those tempting Black Friday deals could persuade you to hold off on shopping… but, don’t be fooled. There are a handful of items that are actually better buys this month.

Since many manufacturers release new car models in September, experts in the industry claim that dealerships will start slashing prices on older models. These discounts start in September, but according to Forbes, they become substantially better in October.

The best time to get a huge deal on a Halloween costume starts on November 1, but who wants to buy a costume AFTER Halloween. Instead, “The week before October 31, numerous stores will offer discounts, ranging from the modest (30% to 50% off) and the downright affordable (up to 85% off sales that mostly include accessories).”

The travel industry refers to October as the “shoulder season.” You’ll enjoy decent weather, long-enough daylight, fewer crowds, and a local tourist industry still ready to please and entertain.” Booking a trip in a place that’s experiencing that after-summer dip in business will end with excellent discounts for you.

“You can get great cruise deals in October for the same reason that general travel is well-priced this time of year: the shoulder season signifies a drop in demand.

Broadway Tickets
October is a slow month for Broadway, so you’re likely to find discounted tickets or special promotions.

Many artists – from Joan Jett to Justin Timberlake – will drop new albums in October. A recent trend has been for a band to release several free tracks or even stream the whole album for free before the actual album comes out. Bookmark your favorite band’s Facebook page for free tracks or streaming promotions.

School Supplies
If you have a kid, chances are you’ve already stockpiled the supplies they need for school. Any of these items remaining on store shelves are on their way to the bargain bins. Since school supplies are always handy – homes and offices always need pens, paper, thumbtacks and other supplies – this is a good time to save a lot on things you’ll always need.

Camping Gear
While you won’t find particularly good deals on equipment specifically made to endure extreme cold temperatures, October is a great time to shop end-of-season clearance sales.

Things to get in November:
While there are great buys in October, there’s no denying that November is the month for stunningly low prices on a variety of electronics and other goods. Hold off on buying Appliances, TVs, laptops, but digital cameras, media players, home theater components, and HDTVs.