Taylor Swift has landed a role in the upcoming movie, “The Giver.”

The world’s smallest dog lives in Puerto Rico: a Chihuahua named Miracle Milly, who stands just 3.8 in. tall.

“Jersey Shore” star Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) told Bethenny Frankel on her talk show “Bethenny,” that her “boobs are disgusting” since she became a mother a year ago.” “My boobs are hanging, my boobs got so big.”

The people who make such predictions are saying the price of gas should go down around 30-cents a gallon by Christmas.

Supermodel/actress Kate Upton has fueled reports she’s dating professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy after the couple was photographed holding hands in New York.

IKEA has begun selling solar panels at their stores in Britain.

Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, is one of the country’s best wide receivers and most likely to be recruited by his dad’s favorite team, USC, upon graduation. Cordell says he’s glad that SC fired their football coach.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, said goodbye on “Dancing with the Stars” this week. Just as well, as he has a torn muscle in his leg.

Jennifer Lawrence will make a quick appearance in the “Dumb and Dumber” sequel.

Paul McCartney sent a response to a fan letter, even though it was sent 50 years ago. The two girls sent a reel-to-reel recording to Sir Paul, but he never got it. A historian got ahold of the tape, made Paul aware of it and he write the girls a nice note.

Toyota says they’re not investing heavily in electric cars because “we believe there’s not much of a market for them.” Really?

NBC has canceled the mini-series based on the life of Hillary Clinton that was going to star Diane Lane.

In Iraq, archeologists have discovered the ancient kingdom of Idu under a mound, going back to 800 BC.

THANK YOUR BUILDING JANITOR _ Today is National Custodial Workers Day.

For the first time next summer JetBlue will begin offering first class seating. [Which means that you will no longer have to bring your own seatbelt.]

FIND OUT HOW SMART YOUR DOG IS _ Finally, a way to prove your dog is a genius. Dognition is a site that determines how empathetic your dog is, how clever it is at solving problems, and how much it actually understands what you’re saying. Each dog is then assigned a personality trait that can be compared to other dogs of similar age, size, and breeds. Of course, do you really need a website to tell you that your dog is a genius?

WHERE YOU’RE MOST LIKELY TO HIT A DEER _ New data out this week shows drivers in West Virginia are the most likely in the country to hit a deer during their vehicular travels. West Virginia drivers hit more deer, followed by drivers in Montana and Iowa. The data comes from State Farm.

Are men worse at handling the flu than women?  In a new survey, BOTH genders say . . . YES.  Only 41% of men and 16% of women say that men handle the flu the same as women.

A man in Michigan wrecked his bike and knocked himself out . . . then three different people stopped to ROB him.

TV TONIGHT: SERIES PREMIERE OF IRONSIDE _ Ironside is back (10p ET, NBC).  This reboot of the late ’60s drama series of the same name stars Blair Underwood stars as Det. Robert Ironside, a top cop that ends up in a wheelchair after a shooting and leads a hand-picked team of specialist detectives.