It’s official, ABC made “Lucky 7” the first casualty of the new TV season.

CBS’ The Millers got off to a solid start on Thursday, premiering to 13.15 million total viewers.

David Letterman has extended his contract with CBS until 2015.

Google has patented a wireless photo frame that syncs with your phone.

We’ve now found out Siri’s real name — that voice you hear in your iPhone belongs to a woman named Susan Bennett.

Justin Bieber won’t face criminal charges for allegedly threatening a neighbor who complained about his driving. City News Service says Los Angeles County prosecutors decided Wednesday that there’s insufficient evidence to charge the pop star.

This week is Glee’s salute to Cory Monteith episode.

Next year’s “24: Live Another Day” mini-series will take place in London.

Chris Hemsworth and his wife have bought the Malibu home of fellow Aussie Paul Hogan (“Crocodile Dundee”) for $4.8 million.

Pizza Hut is coming out with a three-cheese crust (yep, three cheeses stuffed inside the crust, because you don’t get enough on top) because Millennials seems to like that kind of thing.

It’s now officially against the law to eat roadkill in Montana. I find it funny that you need a law for that kind of thing.

The cast of “Duck Dynasty” offered up going along with them on a summer cruise next year — sold out instantly.

“Glee” star Naya Rivera is engaged to rapper Big Sean.

So far, the “Hobbit” trilogy has cost $531 million to make. That’s double what was spent on the “Lord of the Rings” triology.

Chelsea Clinton says she and her husband are working on providing a grandchild for her parents.

CUTE ANIMALS COULD BOOST OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY _ Research has discovered that looking at cute animals could actually help boost office productivity. Japanese scientists conducted a study which required subjects to complete a hand-eye coordination task. Those who had looked at the cute baby animals consistently outperformed those who had looked at the adult animals.

RUSSIAN MAN SAVES THE OLYMPIC FLAME WITH A LIGHTER _ The Olympic torch made it to the Kremlin in Moscow after starting the Russian leg of its global journey Sunday, but a strong gust of wind temporarily extinguished the flame. Fortunately a bystander stepped in the help with an ordinary pocket lighter. | video

WE BLAME OURSELVES FOR BEING FAT _ According to a survey, most Americans believe the responsibility for our country’s fat problem rests squarely in our own hands. More than half of respondents cited poor eating habits as the primary reason we’re overweight, while 27 percent said that too much time on the couch and too little at the gym are to blame. Only 2 percent blamed the marketing of unhealthful foods for excess pounds.

There’s a 47-year-old woman in England who managed to lose about 300 pounds by eating almost NOTHING BUT PUMPKIN.  She’s gone from 520 pounds to 220 pounds and says, quote, “I love pumpkin, I could eat it all day . . . it’s so low in calories and fat that I can eat as much as I want.” 

On Thursday morning, a nine-year-old kid went to the airport in Minneapolis and managed to get through airport security AND onto a Delta flight to Vegas . . . all without a ticket.  The flight attendants figured out what had happened, called the cops, and the kid went back to Minnesota.  The TSA blamed it on being understaffed during the government shutdown. 

Back in April, a 36-year-old man in England was about to get married . . . but forgot to book the venue.  So on the day of the wedding, he called in a BOMB THREAT . . . so the place would be shut down, and no one would find out he hadn’t booked it.  The place WAS shut down, but the cops traced the bomb threat back to him.  He just pleaded guilty to communicating false information.

A 25-year-old bartender in Springfield, Oregon named Aurora Kephart got two Keno lottery tickets as a tip last Tuesday . . . and one of them won over 17 THOUSAND dollars.  She actually tried to give it BACK to the guy who tipped her, but he wouldn’t accept it.  She says she’s planning to use some of the money to buy a couch, but the rest is going in the bank.

GRAVITY SETS OCTOBER RECORD _ Gravity has broken box office records with the biggest October opening weekend of all time. The new Sandra Bullock-George Clooney film brought in $55.6 million over the weekend. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 came in second.