The iPad 5 is supposed to be unveiled on October 22. Among the rumored features: a 64-bit processor and a fingerprint scanner.

Apple scheduled the event the same day Nokia is doing a major launch of their next phones and tablet computers.

66-year-old Suzanne Somers, responding to the Miley Cyrus comment that people stop having sex after age 40, informed the world that she and her husband have sex twice a day.

Cleveland Browns executive Jon Sandusky, the son of former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky, was arrested early Tuesday morning on suspicion of drunken driving.

An edge FOX cartoon series, “Murder Police” has been canceled before it even airs. The network had ordered 13 episodes to have on stand-by for a mid-season replacement show… but just didn’t like what they were seeing.

After 22 years, the Kardashian parents Bruce and Kris Jenner are calling it quits. However, Bruce spoke out yesterday saying “Nobody is filing for divorce.” He says that they have been happily living apart for months!

Tom Hanks is now among the millions of Americans with Type-2 diabetes.

Microsoft has awarded its first ever $100,000 bounty to a security researcher who discovered a bug in Windows 8.1.

Phil Chevron, the guitarist for the band The Pogues, has died after battling cancer. He was 56.

Yep. There’s now an app called “Leftover Swap” that lets you swap your food leftovers with someone who also has leftovers.

The average Chinese tourist spends around $7,000 when they visit the U.S., which has been good news for Seattle.

According to a new survey, only 30% of U.S. workers are engaged with their jobs.

Next time you see Jada Pinkett Smith, brace yourself — she’s sporting a buzz-cut with a little left on the top.

The big rage in London these days: the cro-dough. A combination croissant and donut.

The band Wardell has been signed to a music deal by the Roc Nation label. What makes this significant is that two of Steven Spielberg’s kids are in Wardell… and Roc Nation is the label owned by Jay Z.

“The Walking Dead” returns Sunday night for its 4th season.

Her name is Cressida Bonas… and she and Prince Harry have been quite the item since Harry’s cousin, Eugenie, introduced them in July of last year.

Japanese police arrested a 70-year-old man for running a prostitution ring for older citizens. [Authorities first became suspicious when a neighbor reported seeing an 82-year-old naked woman swinging on a wrecking ball.]

McDONALD’S TO FILL HAPPY MEALS WITH BOOKS ABOUT HEALTHY EATING _ As McDonald’s tries to overhaul its junk food image with healthier side dishes, its planning to add to kids’ Happy Meals illustrated books about the virtues of eating healthy. For two weeks starting November 1, McDonald’s will be putting four different books inside Happy Meals.

MOMS MORE EXHAUSTED THAN DADS _ Can American women finally “have it all”? Maybe. But they’d like to have a nap too. Despite strides toward gender equality, a new survey (Pew) shows women still shoulder more work at home and feel more fatigued by their daily grind. Whether at work or at home — and even at leisure — mothers said they felt more exhausted than fathers.

There’s a restaurant in Brooklyn where you can enjoy a four-course meal . . . and no one is allowed to talk. 

There’s a Halloween-themed dating website called

On Monday night, a 34-year-old woman in Texas told her 10-year-old if he didn’t behave, she’d make him get out of the car and walk.  She actually FOLLOWED THROUGH . . . but she let him out on the HIGHWAY.  Police found him walking down the shoulder in the dark about 15 minutes later.  The mom was charged with abandoning and endangering a child.

NBC PLANS REMINGTON STEELE REBOOT _ NBC has made a commitment to a remake of “Remington Steele,” the romantic dramedy that was Pierce Brosnan’s big break. If picked up to series, “Remington Steele” will be remade as a half-hour comedy and a sequel to the original.