Det. John Munch (Richard Belzer) will retire from “Law and Order — Special Victims Unit” this week after 15 years with the series.

Clint Eastwood’s wife filed for a legal separation last year, but two days later, canceled it. To complicate matters, even though they’ve been married 17 years and are living apart, Clint has moved on… and has a new girlfriend — one of his wife’s best friends. Yikes!

Scott Carpenter, one of the 7 original “Mercury Program” astronauts, died Thursday at the age of 88. He was the one who uttered the words, “Godspeed, John Glenn.”

Dan Harris is named “Nightline” co-anchor, Bill Weir is leaving ABC News for CNN.

The real Captain Richard Phillips says the Tom Hanks movie is good, but his actual ordeal was much worse.

JC Penney is going to bring back their old logo.

Ginnfer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who play Snow White and Prince Charming on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” are, in real life, engaged. Here’s to them living happily ever after.

Speaking of, ABC’s “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” got off to a slow start Thursday, premiering below what the canceled “Last Resort” did in that space last year.

If you like the Netflix series, “House of Cards,” enjoy it quickly. The producer says it’s probably only going to last two seasons.

Frito-Lay just announced that they’re coming out with new glow-in-the-dark Cheetos just in time for Halloween.

A historian claims he has evidence that the Chinese discovered America before Christopher Columbus did.

The CIA says that the four laptop computers Edward Snowden was traveling with contained no top secret information. [Other than a collection of spoilers for the final episode of Breaking Bad.]

80% OF COLLEGE STUDENTS TEXT AND DRIVE _ New research (from King’s College in Pennsylvania) shows four out of five college student drivers have texted while driving. Previous research suggests that texting slows driver reaction times more than being drunk.

WOMAN COLLECTS 62,500 NAPKINS _ A Slovakian woman has amassed a world record-breaking collection of over 62,000 napkins. Antonia Kozakova has collected 62,757 individual designs, which she keeps piled up in her office. 

Pedialyte’s a drink with a lot of electrolytes that people give babies when they’re dehydrated . . . and sales are up 16% this year.  And experts think that’s because adults have discovered Pedialyte is a great HANGOVER CURE.  It has electrolytes, unlike water . . . AND it has less sugar than Gatorade.

Two guys were at a restaurant in Illinois and accidentally left a bag of HEROIN on the table.  Then they went back to retrieve it and got arrested. 

TV TONIGHT: THE VOICE _ The battle rounds begin with advisers Cher, Ed Sheeran, Miguel and Ryan Tedder to help the coaches decide which artists to keep. (8p ET, NBC)

GRAVITY ECLIPSES PHILLIPS AT BOX OFFICE _ Gravity took the top spot at the box office for the second weekend in a row, earning over $44 million. Tom Hanks’ Captain Phillips debuted in second.

BRUCE WILLIS JOINS BOY DANCE PARTY _ Saturday Night Live has another viral video hit on its hands. Bruce Willis joined the SNL crew over the weekend and the one of the skits that came out of it was Boy Dance Party. It’s the thing that happens when women aren’t around. | video