As they say, “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” And by “they,” we mean Lindsay Lohan in “Mean Girls.” Well this year, girls can twerk and no one can say anything about it. Because Miley Cyrus is among the five most Google-searched Halloween costumes this year.

5. Miley Cyrus
How to make it at home: Wear a bra and panties (we assume you already have those?) or, if you’re modest, a bikini; Stick your tongue out an excessive amount; twerk on everyone. Note: Don’t bother with the foam finger. One, because they’ll probably be sold out by the time you get around to it. And two, because you’re going to lose it anyway. How to make it sexy: Go topless! Or bottomless! Stick your tongue out even more!

4. Duck Dynasty
How to make it at home: Grow a beard — you probably should have started by now; wear camo clothing, if you happen to have it, or neutral and earth tones; make those duck noises with your hands (here’s a tutorial). How to make it sexy: Go topless! Go bottomless! Wear your beard and only your beard.

3. Fox
How to make it at home: Those old cat ears you having somewhere in the back of your closet? Pull those out and repurpose them: Paint them brown and white; add face paint as necessary. Sing the song repeatedly. How to make it sexy: It doesn’t matter. If you’re singing that song, no one is going to hang out with you anyway.

2. Breaking Bad
How to make it at home: Wear a button-down shirt and tightie whities; wear your glasses; bring along your fake gun and meth…if you…uh…have those at home. (If you do not, a bag of flour can pass as any drug because if someone calls you out for it, reconsider why you’re friends with A METH ADDICT!) How to make it sexy: Have a polarizing opinion on the series finale.

1. Minion (a character in the “Despicable Me” series)
How to make it at home: Paint yourself yellow; wear blue overalls, for authenticity, or alternately, blue jeans; add ski goggles. How to make it sexy: Please don’t be a sexy Minion. We draw the line at Minions.