You should see the newest iPads emerge at an Apple event next week.

Since 2000, the number of tummy tucks in the U.S. has gone up by 70%.

Word is that Amazon and HTC are teaming up to create a new Smartphone.

Lady Gaga is going to join the Muppets for a new holiday special this year.

Now, wedding rumors are swirling around Katy Perry and John Mayer.

Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, and The Replacements are among first-time nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jamie Foxx says the rumor about he and Katie Holmes dating are “100% not true.”

Comedian/actor Mike Myers is set to become a father again at the age of 50. The Shrek star and his wife Kelly, 36, are expecting a sibling for their two-year-old son Spike.

A stuntman was accidentally stabbed in the shoulder while shooting a new Brad Pitt movie, “Fury,” in London.

Britney Spears’ next album comes out December 3. The title? “Britney Jean.”

Actress Nina Dobrev and her DWTS dancer boyfriend Derek Hough have reportedly split less than two weeks after their first public date.

The Batman-Superman movie (yes, the one with Ben Afleck as Batman) begins shooting this weekend in Hollywood.

Chad Kroeger says his wife, Avril Lavigne, is “an amazing cook.”

Consumer Reports likes the iPhone 5S… but still thinks the Galaxy S4 is a better phone.

The 16-karat diamond ring Chris Humphries gave Kim Kardashian back in 2011 sold at an auction for $749,000.

New research by the Harvard School of Public Health says that eating bacon reduces the vitality of a man’s sperm. [Let me get this straight: So, not only is bacon tasty but it’s also a contraceptive?]

A study found your mother picks her favorite child based on whoever has the personality most like her . . . and you can’t change her mind. 

SUNGLASSES SALESMAN IS TOP REVIEWER ON TRIPADVISOR _ A sunglasses salesman from Newcastle has been named Britain’s most frequent restaurant reviewer. Fifty-two year old Phil Blackett has written critiques on 780 businesses, from carry-out joints to bakeries to 5-star restaurants and hotels. His reviews, posted on the website TripAdvisor, occurred in 501 cities across 36 countries.

MAN RAGES OVER TUB OF RANCH DIP _ After learning that the first two packets of ranch dressing were free but that he would have to pay for a third, a customer at a Seattle area Jack In the Box flew into a rage and attacked another man.

Two guys in England tried to rob a man while he was leaving the gym . . . but he turned out to be a CAGE FIGHTER.

Someone’s blind pet CHICKEN fell into their pool in Sydney, Australia.  But they saved its life by doing CPR on it for three HOURS.

A woman in New York got caught trying to steal $300 worth of gum and candy from a pharmacy.  So she fled on foot . . . but forgot to grab her one-year-old BABY.

A cashier in New Hampshire pulled a gun when a guy tried to rob him at knifepoint.  Then he promptly got FIRED, because his company doesn’t allow cashiers to carry guns.

On Tuesday, a mall in Florida was shut down for two hours when a mysterious WHITE POWDER was found.  Turns out the powder was HUMAN ASHES.  A man had simply scattered his wife’s ashes outside a LensCrafters, because apparently she had a, quote, “connection” to it.  He could be facing charges, and may have to pay the cost of the cleanup.

On Saturday, cops in a Boston suburb broke up an underage party and arrested 19-year-old David White.  David tried calling people to come bail him out, but no one picked up.  So he asked the cops if he could ask for help on FACEBOOK.  And shortly after they allowed him to do it, a friend showed up with bail money. 

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY CALLED TOM HANKS TO LOSE WEIGHT _ Matthew McConaughey has bulked up for roles in films like Magic Mike, but when he had to lose weight for a project, he called in the expert – Tom Hanks. Matthew says when it was time to drop a 50 pounds for Dallas Buyers Club he called Tom about how he lost weight for Philadelphia and Cast Away.

The NFL is considering selling another slate of Thursday games to another media outlet to increase the audience for football on one of television’s most competitive nights. The NFL is disappointed that its own cable channel, NFL Network, hasn’t attracted more viewers for Thursday night games.

NUMBER FOR THE DAY _  4½: Circumference, in feet, of the world’s biggest afro. Aevin Dugas showed her afro off on the TV show The Doctors this week. According to Dugas, the afro takes hours for her to prepare.