The Way She Holds Her Glass Reveals Her Personality

Alcohol loosens the tongue, but the way someone holds their glass speaks even louder about the drinker. After carefully scrutinizing more than 500 bar patrons, psychologist Dr. Glenn Wilson has devised seven categories of personalities that can be spotted simply by the way they clutch their poison:

  1. A confident playboy like Jack Nicholson is a lively, she assured seducer who holds his drink with gusto.
  2. The female flirt will daintily hold a glass, splaying her fingers and perhaps running one around the rim.
  3. But a cold and defensive ice queen like Madonna holds her glass firmly across her body, making it clear that advances are unwelcome.
  4. Then there are the wallflowers, who hold their glasses protectively.
  5. The gossip uses a glass to gesture and make points during a conversation.
  6. While the brow beater firmly grips large glasses or bottles and uses them to make aggressive motions.
  7. Finally, the fun lover tends to take short swigs from a loosely held bottle.