Michael Phelps is working out with his former coach, but no word if this is to get in shape for the upcoming Rio Olympics.

Betty White’s TV series, “Off their Rockers” — canceled after two years by NBC — is being picked up and kept alive by the Lifetime channel.

There’s going to be a “Walking Dead” convention next month in Atlanta. “Walker Stalker” is expecting a crowd of 10,000 fans.

Google executive Ray Kurzweil is taking 150 vitamins a day so he can ‘hold out long enough for invention of robots that will keep humans alive.’

Ashley Judd and her estranged race car driving husband Dario Franchitti are apparently going to give it one more try.

With over 200 guests looking on, “Boy Meets World” star Danielle Fishel married her boyfriend Tim Belusko in a short ceremony in downtown Los Angeles.

Producers of a stage adaptation of “Happy Days” are asking fans to invest thousands of dollars to cover unexpected expenses. “Happy Days — A New Musical” is seeking $375,000 to cover unforeseen costs before it starts touring in January.

Intel is planning to release a $99 tablet computer before the holidays.

35% of Americans have a tablet computer, which is up 10% from last year.

A study says that too much texting may leave college kids sleepy.

NASA says it is 99.998% certain that an asteroid will not hit the earth in 2032.

Ceelo Green has been cleared of sexual assault charges, but he is being charged with possession of Ecstasy.

TMZ reports that legendary Casey Kasem is near death.

A drunk driver was arrested in New Jersey after workers at Burger King reported him asleep at the order screen for two hours. [What does it say for your business when people know that they can catch a two-hour nap in your drive-thru lane without blocking traffic?]

SEND YOUR STUFFED ANIMAL ON VACATION _ A travel company has begun offering vacations for stuffed toys that will cost owners between $20 and $55. At first it may seem ridiculous that people are willing to pay money to send an inanimate object on holiday, but after hearing Unagi Travel’s explanation for the tours, there does seem to be some method behind the madness. The owners of the stuffed animals say they live vicariously through them and when they see the cuddly toys jetting off to luxurious places they feel as if they’re also traveling.

CHINESE LANTERN MISTAKEN FOR GRENADE _ Trains on some Time Square subway lines bypassed a station for about an hour Monday. What looked liked a hand grenade on the tracks turned out to be a Chinese lantern.

A guy bought a ticket to Game One of the World Series on yesterday . . . for just SIX BUCKS.  It was probably because the seller put the decimal point in the wrong place, but the sale went through.

THE HEIGHT ADVANTAGE _ What’s an extra inch in height worth? A study found it could mean up to $800 a year in extra income. Researchers found that tall people tend to earn more money and win more respect at work. They found a height advantage even in jobs where being tall isn’t a qualification — in other words, they didn’t just look at pro basketball players. Some good news for the non-tall: the researchers also said being short doesn’t appear to be a prohibitive disadvantage. Hard work, motivation and intelligence help bridge the gap.