For Halloween, here are ten costumes to “Guess & Dress”:

Gather six friends and along with yourself, have everyone wear a simple outfit. Attach a capital “C” to each. (Answer: The Seven Seas. This can also be a solo costume if one person adorns herself in multiple letters)

Dress as if you’re heading to a funeral and safety pin some plastic vomit to your slacks or skirt. (Answer: Morning (or mourning) sickness)

Adhere the image of your favorite model onto the back of your shirt. (Answer: Yep, you’re “bringing sexy back.” Or if you like a more literal translation, use colored tape to write the word “sexy” onto your back)

Cut two eye holes out of an old sheet to wear and carry a box wrapped in holiday paper. (Answer: The Ghost of Christmas Present)

Wear your simple black dress and pair it up with a plastic mob hat and a plastic Tommy gun. Variation: Tuck some fake money in your pockets and stockings. (Answer: Bam! You’re Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde)

Buy a huge yo-yo or grab a small basketball and add the letters “I” and “T” to the surface. Walk around tossing the object to the floor and catching it again. (Answer: You’re dropping “it” like it’s hot — if you don’t know what that means, ask your children)

Dress in khaki pants, a polo shirt and fisherman’s vest with various remote controls tucked in your pockets. Carry a small paddle-sized sign with the image of a screen and knobs on it. (Answer: TV Guide)

Dress in all black and run yellow electric tape down your clothes. (Answer: You are a street, or a boulevard, if you insist. Attach toy cars on your street and stage collisions for fun)

Cut a hole in the laundry basket, attach to shoulders with rope. (Answer: Dirty Laundry)

Two people dress in gray sweat suits and carry a red light bulb. Periodically bend toward each other and hold the light below. (Answer: The Arch)