Woman’s Day offers these five tricks for dealing with all those treats your kids will bring home this Halloween:

Focus on the fun, not the food.
Create cool costumes, decorate the house, carve a pumpkin. by celebrating Halloween in other ways, kids are less likely to fixate on the sugar rush.

Don’t get a head start.
Buy treats at the last minute. The longer candy meant for trick-or-treaters sits around the house, the greater the chance your kids or you will nosh on it.

Be different.
You’re not a spoilsport if you choose to give out healthy treats such as mini bags of pretzels or popcorn. Or opt for stickers, rings or toys.

Have a sweet strategy.
When the loot comes home, go through it with your child and dispose of any homemade treats, or treats you don’t want him to eat. Then decide on a sensible number of pieces he can have daily.

Over and out.
Set a deadline when remaining candy will be thrown out. This makes kids more likely to choose carefully. After a few weeks, the novelty has worn off anyway, and they’ll never miss it.