Bob Barker is going to return to “The Price is Right” the second week in December to promote pet adoptions, and to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Former President George Bush, the next commissioner of baseball? The rumor is out there.

CBS is considering a “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff.

Time Warner Cable lost 306,000 TV subscribers in the third quarter, in part due to a month-long blackout of CBS.

Katy Perry was at the top of the Billboard Album Sales Charts, but last week was the lowest number of sales since 1991.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry told an Australian radio station that Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger made a pass at her when she was a young backup singer working on one of his songs at age 18.

Kristin Cavallari and her husband Jay Cutler are expecting their second child together.

Pamela Anderson is now sporting a new cropped pixie hairstyle.

Hammond, Indiana, is now the home of a statue honoring the classic moment in the movie, “A Christmas Story” when Flick’s tongue got stuck to the pole. Scott Schwarz, who played Flick, was on hand for the dedication.

A new study claims that Daylight Saving Time can cause headaches that last weeks.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are said to have finally signed their divorce agreement after Demi reportedly conceded on the point of spousal support.

Belgium is considering a law that would allow euthanasia for children.

FALL BACK _ Daylight Saving Time ends Saturday night/Sunday morning.

In California an apprentice embalmer working toward his license has been charged with stealing the gold from the mouths of the corpses. [Well, his career in the mortuary business is definitely over. Next stop, dental school.]

TECH GIANTS HELPING TO FIX OBAMACARE WEBSITE _ Experts from top technology and Internet companies including Google, Oracle and Red Hat have joined the Obama administration’s effort to fix the website.

STARBUCKS UNVEILS ‘HOLIDAY 2013’ PAPER CUP DESIGNS _ Starbucks has unveiled its Holiday 2013 cups. While not as big a launch as a new gadget from Apple, the Internet seems pretty interested in the new cups, which have a more “subtle illustrated look. “

On Wednesday, eight sixth graders in Brooklyn were HOSPITALIZED from a, quote, “NOXIOUS ODOR” in a classroom.  That odor turned out to be . . . a kid wearing AXE BODY SPRAY.  And the school says he’s going to be disciplined for putting it on.

The FAA announced yesterday that you can use electronic devices during takeoff and landing now . . . you just have to have them in “airplane mode.”  But calls and texts are still banned.  They’re letting each airline decide when to make the change though, so it might not happen immediately.  But they expect most of them to allow it by the end of the year.

According to a new study, if you want to eat Reese’s out of your kid’s trick-or-treating haul, get on it.  Reese’s, Snickers, M&M’s, and Twix are the first candies to get eaten . . . Krackel, Jolly Ranchers, Nestle Crunch, and Baby Ruth are last.

Yesterday, a woman showed up at the Montreal airport with three small PUMPKINS in her suitcase.  Makes perfect sense for Halloween, right?  Well . . . airport security got suspicious, X-rayed the pumpkins, and found COCAINE inside.  The woman was arrested. 

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