23-year-old Ryan Riess won the World Series of Poker Tuesday night and took home $8.4 million.

The Jennifers — Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence — have debuted new (and somewhat drastic) short hairstyles.

Lady Gaga will reportedly will become the first artist to perform in outer space in 2015. E! News reports that the 27-year-old pop star is slated to perform in space aboard a Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two, and perform once the spacecraft reaches zero gravity.

In Maine, Democrat Jennifer Johnson of Waterville won the Ward 1 warden position over Republican David Johnson on Tuesday by a 127-76 margin. That’s Mrs. Johnson defeating Mr. Johnson. Yep, they’re husband and wife.

Just in case you weren’t keeping track, Sony is reminding us that in the 7 years PlayStation 3 has been out, they’ve sold 80 million systems.

Lockheed Martin is said to be working on a new spy plane that will fly six times the speed of sound.

The website of Brazil’s biggest news outlet published photos Wednesday it says show pop star Justin Bieber spray painting graffiti on a wall.

Dan Rather, who was part of the CBS coverage of President Kennedy’s assassination back in 1963, was snubbed by CBS in their anniversary special… so, NBC is going to include him.

Charlie Sheen is in a legal and Twitter war with his ex, Brooke Mueller, over his twin sons. Meanwhile, another ex, Denise Richards, says she’s through watching the boys. She stepped in to help when their mom was in rehab, but she claims they have lots of anger issues.

78% of moms consume comfort foods at least once a week to help them relax. 58% of moms say it’s at least somewhat difficult to relax.

Kate and Prince William are going to host a big fundraiser at their home later this month. Among those scheduled to perform at Kensington Palace that evening — Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi and James Blunt.

If you’re keeping track, that new tattoo on Miley Cyrus’ forearm is a salute to her grandmother. Plus her new tour is set to kick off on Valentines Day in Canada.

A researcher at Duke says that he has taught his dog 1,000 words. [But his spelling is atrocious.]

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IN A SELF-DRIVING CAR _ If it meant an 80% discount on auto insurance, would you consider buying a self driving car? Of course you would! Nine out of 10 in a new survey say absolutely. 20% of us are so excited about the concept of a self-driving car that we’d buy one even if no discount were offered. What’s the top thing you would do if a computer took over the wheel? Text, of course. 26% say texting or talking with friends. 21% said read and 10% said sleep.

WALMART’S WEBSITE SOLD EXPENSIVE ITEMS FOR CHEAP _ The Obamacare website isn’t the only one having issues. Walmart says it suffered a problem with its website on Wednesday that accidentally priced expensive items like computer monitors and televisions for a few dollars. Items that were put on sale by the website glitch included $600 treadmills priced at $33, $2,000 televisions priced for a couple hundred and $60 video games for $18.
… So Walmart will honor those prices, right? Ha! The retail giant is canceling the orders, refunding money and giving people a $10 gift card instead.

AN EVEN BIGER JIGSAW PUZZLE _ Last month I told you about a 24,000 piece jigsaw puzzle — a world record holder — that you can actaully own. But if that isn’t challenging enough for you, there’s now a 32,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle is a whopping seventeen-foot-long and weighs 42 pounds. And it’s only $194.

HOW YOU PICK YOUR NOSE REVEALS YOUR PERSONALITY _ According to a Weekly World News expert, those who pick their noses in private lack openness, while people who do it in public “are extremely open, imaginative, curious, creative, adventurous, original and artistic.” Dr. Victor Laszlo says those who pick “as though excavating a mine are neurotic, anxious, insecure and emotional, with excessive cravings or urges and unrealistic ideas,” while “those who roll the snot up into a little ball and eat it are extroverts… in need of excess stimulation.”

A bakery in New York is about to unveil the THANKSGIVING DONUT.  It’s a pumpkin-flavored donut stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce, and GRAVY.  There’s also a sweet potato donut stuffed with toasted marshmallow filling.

According to a new survey, 55% of Americans say it’s UNACCEPTABLE for Christmas music to start before Thanksgiving.  And the older you are, the more likely you are to hate early Christmas music.

On Tuesday, a 51-year-old man in Washington went to court for a hearing on meth possession charges.  And when he emptied his pockets at the security checkpoint, he put a METH PIPE in the tray.  Yes, he brought his meth pipe to his meth hearing.  He was arrested for ANOTHER meth possession charge.

A guy in Chicago dropped off a job application at a sporting goods store . . . then SHOPLIFTED from it.  So they called him back for an interview, and cops arrested him when he showed up. 

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS _ Nominees for the 2014 People’s Choice Awards were announced Wednesday. There are 58 categories. Up for Favorite Movie: Despicable Me 2; Fast & Furious 6; Iron Man 3; Monsters University; Star Trek Into Darkness. The PCAs air January 8 on ABC.