Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

Here are some easy tips for boosting your metabolism and fat burning throughout the day …

Drink coffee or tea as soon as you wake up:Studies have shown that women who consume caffeine before working out stay at it longer and enjoy it more.

Head to the gym before you eat breakfast: Research out of Britain found that exercisers who held off on breakfast burned almost 20% more body fat during their workouts.

Do weights then cardio within 20 minutes for optimum fat burning: A study found this to be the formula for the most fat-burning.

Have a protein heavy breakfast after working out: Aim for 35 grams. Try Greek yogurt (18 g per serving); two turkey sausage links with toast (13 g); and 14 walnut halves (4 g).

Take a lunchtime stroll: No need to break a sweat, but a leisurely stroll will not only get you out of the office and into fresh air, but you will burn about 100 calories doing it!

Have bread with dinner: In an Israeli study, dieters assigned to eat carbs only at dinner lost more weight than those who ate them throughout the day.

Go to bed: Get a good night’s sleep or you will be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.