“The Butler” star Terrence Howard has reportedly married for the fourth time, wedding his girlfriend Miranda.

Part one of “Bonnie & Clyde” drew 9.8 million viewers across three Discovery networks on Sunday.

Production on “Fast & Furious 7” has been shut down indefinitely by movie executives following the death of franchise star Paul Walker.

Former ‘N Sync star Joey Fatone has undergone hair transplant surgery after experiencing premature balding.

Lindsay Lohan allegedly asked her date to beat up some guy, an action he denies. Apparently, he did not realize it was Barron Hilton, Paris’ brother. Now she has been quoted as saying, “No one F’s with our family and gets away with it.”

While Carrie Underwood’s live TV special of “The Sound of Music” did great in the ratings, not so with critics. But that’s OK — Carrie says she’ll pray for the people criticizing her performance.

Selena didn’t put up with a malfunctioning microphone at a concert in LA Friday night. When several attempts failed to get it to work properly, she just walked off.

“Family Ties” mom Merideth Baxter has married her longtime companion, Nancy Locke.

Simon Cowell’s pregnant girlfriend had her baby shower over the weekend. Apparently, you weren’t invited.

“Sleepy Hollow” is probably going to end its season sooner than you think. The 2-hour season finale is going to be on January 20.

Kelly Clarkson says she’s had a rough pregnancy, getting sick at least a dozen times a day.

Don Rickles is recovering from a flesh eating virus. Yikes!

A Georgia man has been ordered to pay his fiancee $50,000 after breaking off their engagement.

Then there’s the South Carolina sheriff who refuses to lower his American flag to half-staff because Nelson Mandela was not American.

A “Game of Thrones” video game is in the works.

A website dug through old kids’ letters to Santa published in newspapers in 1913, to find out the toys kids wanted the most for Christmas 100 years ago.  The top five are:  Candy, nuts, a rocking horse, dolls, and gloves.  The top five THIS year are:  The Furby Boom, the Teksta Robotic Puppy, the LeapPad Ultra, the Flying Fairy, and Big Hugs Elmo.

The New York Police Department has released an interactive map of major crime in the city. [It all seems to center around Alec Baldwin’s front door.]

Facebook is apparently thinking of adding a “sympathize” button.  But ABC News mocked up some OTHER buttons they’d like to see, including “dislike,” “love,” and “meh.”

ARCTIC FORCE SNOWBALL BLASTER  _ The cold blast of an early winter has you fired up, doesn’t it. You can’t wait for that first six inches of snow so you can line up your snowball fight team and challenge the dads on the next block. Well be careful, because this season the guy around the corner might be firing snowballs with the Arctic Force Snowball Blaster. This weapon of snow destruction is capable of making and launching the perfect snowball — yep it has a built-in snowball maker. Able to make three snowballs at a time, the blaster can launch a snowball up to 80 feet at high velocity. And it’ll only set you back $30. ‘ site link

eBAY CEO SLAMS AMAZON’S DELIVERY DRONES AS A ‘FANTASY’ _ The CEO of eBay (John Donahoe) slammed’s headline-grabbing plan to start delivering packages via drones, calling it a “long-term fantasy.” 

PEOPLE WHO CAN IGNORE TEXTS AND CALLS ARE HAPPIER _ A new study shows that people who are constantly glued to their phones checking their messages and taking calls are unhappier than those who don’t. The study also suggests that those who are constantly checking their phones suffer from higher anxiety levels and even lower grades.

 MISSING PANTS LEADS TO FIGHT _ A woman told police in Flint, Michigan, that she was arguing with another woman. She told police the other woman began punching and slapping her over a pair of missing pants.

A 42-year-old man in New Jersey got into a drunken brawl on Saturday night.  Then he woke up Sunday morning and couldn’t figure out why his back hurt so much.  Turns out he’d been STABBED and the knife was still LODGED there.