Michigan State’s 24-20 victory over Stanford in the 100th Rose Bowl Game on Wednesday averaged 18.6 million viewers, up 9% over last year.

Bruce Springsteen is using CBS and its drama “The Good Wife” to debut his new album, “High Hopes.” Starting at 10pm Sunday, until 7pm on January 13, viewers can stream the album exclusively, in its entirety, at

“Survivor” couple Boston Rob and Amber are expecting their 4th child together.

Looks like three of the four NFL playoff games this weekend will NOT be sold out.

Another hacking “oops,” this one: Snapchat and Skype. Millions of user names and phones may have been leaked.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is fighting pneumonia symptoms and is in a Houston hospital.

Mel B says there’s a good chance there will be a Spice Girls reunion in the near future.

“Sherlock” returned to the BBC airwaves this week to its biggest numbers ever.

Some kids in the South have discovered that the sewers beneath the streets have water in them – and that water is home to fish. So, they’re dropping fishing lines in there with some bait and a hook – and actually catching fish. That’s right. They’re sewer fishing. The smart kids, of course, catch and release the fish because eating fish caught in the sewer just can’t be good for you, can it?

A native rural Alabama couple say they’re shocked at the backlash they’ve experienced after naming their newborn son “Krimson Tyde.” Summer and Steven Steele, who hail from the small town of Andalusia, Ala., named their son after Alabama University’s football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Oh the irony if that kid grows up to attend Auburn one day!

Ford is showing off a new plug-in car that actually recharges with sunlight. The temporary name is the “Don’t Even Think About It If You Live in Seattle.”