Country Music Stars Nicknames

Seems like nicknames are the in thing, especially for celebrity couples, so what about the nicknames of Country Music acts?  Here are a few complied by Taste of Country:
Toad – Blake Shelton 
Blake Shelton’s sister told Men’s Journal that as a boy Blake would bring home so many frogs, they started to call him Toad. “He loved all animals: grasshoppers, locusts, lizards, snakes, worms,” Endy says. “One time I had a flyswatter and I killed a fly, and he cried.” It’s no surprise that as adult Toad has become a great outdoorsman who is married to an animal lover.
Cadillac – Randy Houser 
“Everybody asks me, ‘Why do they call you Cadillac?’” Houser told the Boot in 2010. “I always tell them it’s because I like everything real smooth. I’m laid back like that. I don’t like anybody messing with my good time!”
Tater Tot – Taylor Swift  
Taylor has many nicknames over the past few years. T-Swizzle, Tay Tay and Tater Tot are all names Taylor Swift has been called during her career. Brad Paisley gave her the name Tater Tot when the two toured together. The name on her dressing room door was always changed to Tater Swift. Taylor says it’s her least favorite nickname, however.
Chief – Eric Church
While the title of Eric Church’s third album was his grandfather’s nickname (he was the police chief), it also became the Eric’s nickname, but by pure coincidence. His band started calling him Chief. “When I put the hat and sunglasses on, the band started calling me Chief,” Church said in 2011. “They had no idea it was my grandpa’s nickname so it kinda stuck.” However, the singer’s wife isn’t a fan. “Chief stays on the road,” he says, laughing.
Woody – Shania Twain 
Looking back on it, Woody isn’t a great nickname for Shania Twain, especially coming from her husband. Mutt Lange gave her the nickname because a hairdo she sported reminded him of Woody Woodpecker. They divorced in 2010, and she’s since remarried a man who presumably doesn’t compare her to a cartoon bird.
Bocephus – Hank Williams Jr. 
Hank Williams died just a few years after Hank Willliams, Jr. was born, but in addition to a country music gene, he gave his son a great nickname. Bocephus was ventriloquist/comedian Rod Brasfield’s dummy, but the elder Williams found it fitting for his boy, and Jr. has always embraced it. It’s worth pointing out that Hank Williams isn’t either man’s real name. Sr. is Hiram King Williams, while Jr. is Randall Hank Williams, also known as Rockin’ Randall.
The Gambler – Kenny Rogers 
Kenny Rogers’ nickname comes from his biggest hit song. In ‘The Gambler,’ Rogers sings of two men sitting next to each other on a train. One is in need of advice, and the other (the gambler) has advice to give. In 2013, the singer told Taste of Country he’ll occasionally forget the words to this song.
Possum – George Jones 
One theory suggests George Jones was nicknamed Possum because of a tendency to flake out on shows during his wild years, but that only resulted in the nickname “No Show.” Possum, Jones told CMT, came from two radio deejays who thought he looked like a possum. Ralph Emery and Tommy T. Cutrer came up with the nickname, and it stuck.