Honey Boo Boo and her family were in a serious car accident Monday night in Georgia. All were taken to the hospital, then released.

Time Warner Cable lost 215,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter, presumably over the CBS dispute.

Rumors of John Mayer and Katy Perry planning a Hawaii vacation in the near future that would include a wedding ceremony.

A new antibacterial glass is being made for smartphones. It will supposedly repel 99.9% of bacteria.

A California millionaire is leading a drive to have California broken up into 6 states.

CBS’ new drama “Intelligence” got off a solid start on Tuesday, debuting to 16.7 million viewers airing out of NCIS. The 16.7 million were the most of any new series premiere this season. ABC’s premiere of drama “Killer Women” debuted to a weak audience, even less than “Lucky 7.”

Magician David Copperfield, 57, is engaged to Chloe Gosselin, 28, who is the mother of his 3-year-old daughter.

The cast of “Modern Family” will be heading to Australia soon to film an episode down under.

He’s moved on from Courtney — David Arquette is expecting a baby with his new girlfriend, Christina McLarty.

Yes, Wayne Brady is dating Chilli from TLC these days.

Leonardo DiCaprio tells of the time in 2006 when he was filming “Blood Diamond” where an accident on the set resulted in him being in a cage with a Great White Shark. Somehow, he survived.

Only 8% of Japan’s $16 trillion in household wealth is exposed to stocks, compared with 30% in the U.S.

Charlie Sheen has suggested that Ashton Kutcher “quit barfing” on his old show, “Two and a Half Men.”

Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock actually produced a documentary on the Nazi death camps of World War II, but was so horrified by it, that he never released it. It will be available to see soon.

Nordstrom is planning more Rack stores in Florida and New York.

Injuries have been reported across the country this week of people tossing pots and pans of boiling water into the air to see if it will freeze. [Well, there’s nothing wrong with a little family science experiment as long as you remember one thing — it’s supposed to be done outside, genius!

 _ Imagine if you could mute your TV just by putting one finger to your lips and turn on off appliances by pointing at them. You can, thanks to a company called PointGrab. PointGrab’s AirTouch system works kind of like Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, but you don’t need special hardware. In fact, AirTouch works with even a basic webcam. It was unveiled at CES this week.

 The Dunphys are headed Down Under. ABC’s Modern Family will be taking an Australian vacation thanks to a partnership with Qantas Airways. The three-part family has previously visited Hawaii, Wyoming and Disneyland.

 Kelly Osbourne and fiancé Matthew Mosshart “have decided to end their engagement.” Her rep says the split is amicable. The couple, who met in 2011, had announced their engagement in July.

NUMBER FOR THE DAY _ 2,250: Cost, in dollars, of a basic cremation. By comparison, the average burial cost is $8,350.

 Molly Schuyler recently took down a 72 ounce steak to set a new world record. Schuyler broke the world record for fastest eating of a 72 ounce steak (and sides) at Sayler’s Old County Kitchen in Portland, Oregon. She ate it in two minutes, 44 seconds. The previous record was a bit under seven minutes. 

Good news, SUPER LAZY PARENTS.  There’s a new invention called Smart PJs . . . they’re pajamas that read your kid bedtime stories so YOU DON’T HAVE TO.  They have polka dot symbols on them that work as codes, and you use an app to scan them.  Each one brings up a different story.  The pajamas sell for $30.

The polar vortex saves lives!  On Tuesday, a 54-year-old woman in Minnesota lost control of her truck on an overpass, went over a guardrail, and fell 100 feet onto the pond below.  But because it’s so cold out, the pond was frozen solid.  If the ice hadn’t held, she would’ve died in the water . . . instead, she was taken to a hospital where she’s in fair condition.

On Tuesday, a man in Texas was snoring loud enough to wake up his wife.  And when she woke up . . . she saw that the house was ON FIRE.  The two of them and their daughter escaped before the house could burn down . . . and they’re giving full credit to the SNORING for saving their lives.

Last Thursday, a 26-year-old in China woke up, yawned, and yawned so HARD, it collapsed one of his LUNGS.  According to his doctors, it caused something called “spontaneous pneu-mo-thorax,” where too much air builds up around the lungs.  But apparently he’s okay, and recovering.