Are you confident, credible and just a bit authoritative? If you answered yes to that, we’re going to play psychic and tell you that you drive a dark blue car. Color experts have determined that the color of your car tells others something about your personality. Granted, this isn’t true for every driver on the road, since many purchase cars used and don’t pick the color in this type of sale. But assuming you chose the color of your car, check the chart below to see if it matches your personality. Popular car colors and the personalities who drive them, according to color expert Leatrice Eiseman and

  • Black: Powerful, classic and elegant
  • Silver: Futuristic, prestigious and elegant
  • Gray: Neutral, sober and practical
  • Light to Mid-Blue: Calm, faithful and true
  • Dark Blue: Confident, credible and authoritative
  • Light Green: Organic, no-fuss and understated
  • Dark Green: Well-balanced, trustworthy and traditional
  • Red: Sensual, dynamic and outgoing
  • Orange: Artistic, individual and complex
  • Yellow: Joyful with a sense of humor
  • Brown: Powerful and unique
  • Gold: Warm, intelligent and glamorous
  • Beige: Natural and down-to-earth
  • Pearl: Glamorous, exciting and sophisticated
  • White: Pure, pristine, direct and hard to please