Now there’s a Hollywood couple: Sean Penn & Robin Wright’s daughter and Steve McQueen’s grandson.

After forcing viewers to watch Thursday night football on the NFL Netowrk, now the NFL is asking several TV outlets to bid on a one-year package of Thursday night football games to share with NFL Network.

Rumor has it that Microsoft will release Windows 9 in early 2015.

Peyton Manning says he’ll undergo a neck exam at the end of the season and then, if the doctors give him a go, he’ll suit up for one more year.

Michelle Obama hits the big 5-0 on Friday.

The E! Network’s pre-show coverage of the Golden Globes was going along just fine until… it listed Michael J. Fox being diagnosed with Parkinson’s as one of its “Fun Facts.” Fun, huh?

73% of people who consider a flexible schedule a top priority when looking for a new job, as reported in a 2013 study by Mom Corps. In fact, about 45% of U.S. working adults said that they would be willing to relinquish at least some part of their salary for better work-life balance.

Federal investigators are looking into why a Southwest Airlines jet landed at the wrong airport in Missouri… off by 7-miles.

A 6.4 earthquake hit the Puerto Rico coast on Sunday.

“Mad Men” returns to AMC on April 13th.

You’ll get the full Fleetwood Mac experience next time you see them. Christine McVie is rejoining the group after a few years off.

Big weekend for Robin Wright. She won a Golden Globe on Sunday after announcing that she’s engaged to Ben Foster.

Ashlee Simpson is engaged to actor Evan Ross. That would be the son of Motown legend, Diana Ross.

The 5th season will be the final one for “Boardwalk Empire.”

Pope Francis told nursing women in the Sistine Chapel the other day to go ahead and feel free to breastfeed their babies. [Topless women in church — that’s new. Unless, of course, you’ve attended a Charlie Sheen wedding.]

CAFFEINE ENHANCES MEMORY _ Another reason to drink coffee. That morning cup of java or lunchtime soda might serve a purpose beyond giving you a jolt of energy. According to a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, caffeine enhances memory.

 _ Before you check out, remember that the hotel towels aren’t yours. And just because they’re owned by a big corporation doesn’t make it right to steal. Visitors steal roughly $50 million worth of towels a year in the United States.

GUY CRASHES INTO GAS STATION, EATS BANANA _ Late one night a man in Connecticut crashed his station wagon through the doors of a gas station, swiped a single banana, then causally ate the banana in the store before getting back into his station wagon and driving away. 

 _ Live Another Day, Fox’s mini-revival of 24, has yet to start filming — but Fox announced Monday that it will premiere May 5. The show still takes place over a 24-hour day even though it’s 12 episodes.

Here are a few random facts for you this Tuesday.  A female yak is called a nak . . . last year was the safest year in airplane history with only 265 deaths in 31 million flights worldwide . . . and it would actually take five minutes to knock someone out with a rag soaked in chloroform. 

We can’t really explain this . . . but a new survey found that one out of every four people who NAME their car give it a name that starts with the letter “B.”  The five most common car names all start with “B”:  Baby, Betsy, Bessie, Black Beauty, and Betty.

A man in Massachusetts thought he’d won $50,000 in the lottery, then went to the lottery’s headquarters to cash in the ticket . . . and found out he’d actually won $50,000 a YEAR for LIFE.