3 Tricks That Will Keep You Happily Married!

1. Get tipsy together–Scientists say that getting tipsy together could be the glue to keeping your marriage intact. According to a new study, couples that enjoy getting drunk together have a better chance of surviving. But they should be on the same page when it comes to how much and how often. Someone who likes getting drunk every night is doomed.

2. Sexual evolution–Decades in the missionary position just won’t do. As your relationship grows and changes, so must the sex. Break out of the mold to keep things interesting for the both of you.

3. Hire a cleaning lady–Most wives’ biggest complaint: how little their husbands do around the house. It’s a problem that starts way before kids come into the picture. It’s like getting married means no more chores, even if they used to clean when they were single. A cleaning lady can save you. If you can swing the service once a week, that’s awesome, but even having someone come in once or twice a month will be a big help.