Justin Bieber’s second arrest in a week! The singer turned himself into Toronto police on Wednesday after being charged with assault, allegedly hitting the back of the head of a limo driver several times.

A petition calling for the deportation of Canadian-born Justin Bieber surpassed the 100,000 signatures.

Sean may save the world, but he couldn’t save his TV show. NBC has canceled the Thursday night comedy starring Sean Hayes. Production stopped, finished.

Ratings for “American Idol” dipped on Wednesday, but the program still dominated the night.

Cinemax’s “Banshee” has been renewed for a third season and Bravo has renewed “Top Chef” for its 12th season.

Sara Bareilles has fired her manager Jordan Feldstein following a weekend where Jordan got into a fight at a party with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne.

FOX has renewed “Bones” for a 10th season and is moving the show back to Monday nights.

The quarterback of the Willamette University football team in Oregon has come out as bisexual.

Among the things you’ll see on the upcoming Miley Cyrus MTV special: a duet with Madonna. That is, if you watch.

Honda is now exporting more cars from the U.S. than they are importing from Japan.

There’s a new “werewolf” diet out there that is based on the cycle of the moon.

Courtney Love is launching her own YouTube channel.

In a rare move, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has disqualified the best original song nomination for the movie “Alone Yet Not Alone,” after alleged improper lobbying for the film came to light.

Today (Friday) begins the Chinese New Year. It’s the Year of the Horse.

MAN SMUGGLES NEARLY 40,000 PIRANHAS INTO U.S. _ Between 2011 and 2012, New York City resident Joel Rakower smuggled 39,548 piranhas into Brooklyn. This week he pleaded guilty in federal court to violating the federal Lacey Act, which combats trafficking “illegal” wildlife, fish, and plants.

SHARKNADO 2 LOCKS IN IAN ZIERING AND TARA REID _ Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are ready to take another spin with the Sharknado. The former Beverly Hills, 90210 and American Pie stars will reunite for the sequel to their successful Syfy movie Sharknado, which will be titled Sharknado 2: The Second One. The sequel will begin filming in New York on February 13.

NUMBER FOR THE DAY _ 95: Percentage of people who have a fact or bit of information about themselves that they don’t reveal to anyone.

Earlier this week, a multimillionaire in London who’s in his 70s was in divorce court with his ex-wife, who’s in her 50s.  About five years ago, he DUMPED her for a woman 30 years younger . . . then asked her to stay in the house as a MAID.  He says he doesn’t understand why that upset her.  She ended up getting about HALF his money . . . about $10 MILLION.

“Time” magazine created an online calculator that figures out how much of your life you’ve wasted on FACEBOOK.  First you estimate how much you use it each day, which is 17 minutes for the average person.  Then it scans your entire Facebook history and spits out a number.  Chances are you’ve wasted WEEKS on there. 

Here’s a five-second test to tell if you’re a GOOD LIAR.  Take your index finger and draw a capital letter “Q” on your forehead.  If you drew it with the bottom tail pointing left, so someone looking at your forehead would read it normally, it means you’re aware of how people perceive you and you’re a good liar.  If you drew it with the bottom tail pointing right, you’re bad at lying.

IN THEATERS THIS WEEKEND _ Labord Day (PG-13), That Awkward Moment (R)