We consulted a panel of sexperts who have these 14 sensual tips to help you put the arrow back in cupid’s quiver without spending a dime.

  1. Find his car at work and leave an anonymous note on the steering wheel suggesting a sizzling romantic rendezvous in an unusual place, such as an elevator or a broom closet.
  2. Clean the garage or spruce up his dorm room.
  3. Send the kids to your mother’s, then ask your honey if she’s interested in indulging in her most secret sexual fantasy.
  4. Leave a note on the remote saying: “It’s all yours for the weekend! No nagging, no questions asked. I promise!” sign it with hugs and kisses.
  5. Wax her car or tidy up her apartment or dorm room and be sure to drop little handwritten love notes all over the place.
  6. Drop him off at Hooters or his favorite topless bar and tell him to have all the fun he wants you’ll pick him up whenever he calls.
  7. After she comes home from a hard days work, giver her a massage and paint her toenails.
  8. Give him a frantic call at work, asking him to rush home. Greet him at the door buck naked and let the fireworks begin.
  9. Cook her favorite dinner and serve it by candlelight.
  10. Role play; throw on your old cheerleader’s outfit for him; pretend you’re a doctor who has to make her better.
  11. Slip into your sexiest negligee and cover up with a trench coat. Track him down at his favorite bar or pool hall and flash him.
  12. Go to a karaoke bar and serenade her with a sentimental love song.
  13. Decorate your bedroom in a theme; tropical island, medieval castle, flower garden, camping trip anything that will appeal to her.
  14. Scatter bottles of icy premium beer and bags of beef jerky all over the bed then get in there with him.