Your favorite Valentine’s Day chocolate reveals the kind of lover you really are and your partner’s pick tells a lot about their passion. “It’s true. Forbidden calories aren’t the only thing concealed in a box of Valentine’s Day candy,” declared Dr. Elayne Kahn, author of “Love Codes: How to Decipher Men’s Secret Signals About Romance.”

Chocolate-covered caramels
This is the choice of loyal lovers. When a relationship breaks up, then tend to hold a torch. One the bright side, they are relaxed, casual and accepting of flaws.

Chocolate-covered nuts
These people like to surprise and be surprised. These nutty lovers might even spring a surprise by opening up the door wearing nothing but a smile.

Chocolate-covered creams
People are very open-minded, like variety and need change. But watch out that could mean they won’t stick around forever.

Chocolate-covered pretzels
These are the choice of stable lovers. They like the balance and familiarity of a good relationship. They don’t like to be overwhelmed or surprised. They enjoy the anticipation that precedes intimacy and like to plan what will happen.

Chocolate-covered marshmallows
Lovers of these mushy treats are very warm and sentimental lovers. They can be very tender and romantic. They are thoughtful remembering the little things that you’ve done together and what makes you happy. They’re great cuddlers.

Chocolate-covered peanut butter
Fans of this like the extremes of love. One minute they can be soft and tender and the next rough and ready for a night of playful togetherness. They can appreciate and deal with their lover’s distinctive needs.

Chocolate-covered cherries
These people feel too much of a good thing is never enough. They’re also cheerful, optimistic and enjoy dressing up for a night of love.

These expensive treats are preferred by people with sophisticated tasted in life and love. They enjoy the subtleties, the soft kisses, the gentle touches. They’re willing to make sacrifices to make sure everything is perfect. If that means preparing an elaborate candlelight dinner to set the mood, they’re willing to do it.

Don’t like chocolate
These are people who have a great deal of restraint and self-control. They know exactly what they want and how to achieve it.