(Cosmopolitan) Men who are damaged or dangerous explain away their bad behavior. Learning to eliminate extraneous details from their excuses and distill what they say will enable you to see through to the true meaning:

He says: “Call me on my cell phone. I never use my home phone.”
Distilled Version: “Don’t call me at home.”
True Meaning: “I’m married or involved with someone.”

He says: “I’ve never really had a true friend because I’m not outgoing.”
Distilled Version: “I’ve never had a friend.”
True Meaning: “When people get to know me, they run the other way.”

He says: “I’m gonna hit the men’s room again. Three times in an hour might be a record for me.”
Distilled Meaning: “I’m going to the men’s room for the third time.”
True Meaning: “I use cocaine.”

He says: “No one has ever understood me like you do.”
Distilled Meaning: “No one has ever understood me.”
True Meaning: “People don’t understand me because I’m a mess psychologically.”

He says: “I called eight times during lunch because I want to know where you are. I worry about you.”
Distilled Meaning: “I called eight times during lunch.”
True meaning: “I think I own you.”