Jimmy Fallon’s midnight debut as host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” averaged a 3.8 rating in adults 18-49 and 11.31 million viewers overall. Fallon easily outdrew his new competition of David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel in both total viewers and the demo.

“The Walking Dead” topped the Winter Olympics again in 18-49 demo on Sunday.

Don’t know how John Mayer and Katy Perry are getting along these days, but that ring on her finger is causing lots of speculation.

Mary Canfield has died from lung cancer at age 89. She played the boyish Ralph Monroe character on “Green Acres.”

Big shakeup at CBS Sports as Tony Gonzalez joins the “The NFL Today.” Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino are both out.

Showtime has renewed Sunday staples Shameless and House of Lies for a fifth and fourth season, respectively, for 12 episodes each, the network said Tuesday.

The company that created Candy Crush Saga is going public.

According to a survey by Expedia, 60% of Americans feel they are “vacation-deprived.”

From the Wall Street Journal: 30% of those bitten by cats had to be hospitalized for an average of 3.2 days.

The cast of “Modern Family” is down under, to film an episode in Australia.

Apple and Google are now officially not accepting any new games with the word “Flappy” in the title.

David Crosby is bumping some shows he had planned for this month in California to April, after having some heart surgery this past week. The 72-year-old needs a little recovery time.

WANT TO SPEND LESS? DRAW EVERYTHING YOU BUY– If you struggle with staying within a set budget, maybe you should try drawing your purchases. ‘Daily Drawings’ is a project by Oregon-based illustrator Kate Bingaman-Burt, in which she’s drawn her daily purchases for the past eight years. Altogether, she has illustrated over 2,100 purchases since the start of the project. Her many purchases include CDs, gas, clothes and various types of groceries. Kate’s not doing it as a tool for managing her money, but imagine how much less you’d buy if you knew you had to draw everything once you got home. | site link

GUY OFFERS REWARD ON FACEBOOK TO WILL KILL COP – There should be a website called Stupid People on Facebook. Oh wait, there already is — it’s called Facebook. A Florida man who disagreed with a police officer about a traffic stop is under arrest. In a Facebook post following the incident, Bruce Allen Santee II offered $100 to anyone who would kill the officer. Santee was arrested on a charge of written threats to kill or do bodily harm.

There’s been a Bigfoot sighting in DETROIT.  A guy there says he saw Bigfoot, and thinks he’s taking advantage of all of the vacant, abandoned homes there to hide out.

Someone noticed that the fine print in Capital One’s credit contracts says they can technically come to your HOUSE or your OFFICE to collect money from you.  But Capital One says they would never actually DO that.

On Saturday, a 54-year-old in Missouri named Michael Quin was chosen for a contest where he got to take a three-point shot during halftime at a college basketball game.  And he MADE IT . . . which is extra impressive considering he’s BLIND.  And for making the shot, Michael gets free McDonald’s for a year. 

A woman in Utah didn’t like some t-shirts she saw in the window of a Pacific Sunwear store, because they had photos of scantily clad women on the front.  So to get them out of the window, she spent about $550 to buy every single shirt.  And she’s planning to return them all within 60 days for a full refund. 

FALLON’S TONIGHT SHOW DEBUT GETS 11.3 MILLION VIEWERS – Jimmy Fallon’s start as host of The Tonight Show is a ratings winner for NBC. TV ratings released Tuesday show 11.3 million people tuned in to watch Fallon’s debut on Monday night.