With a little help from the Olympics, the “Today Show” beat “Good Morning America” for an entire week last week, for the first time in two years.

Jimmy Fallon’s second night as host of “The Tonight Show” held up better than Conan O’Brien did in 2009. Tuesday’s show averaged 7.36 million viewers, 20% above the 6.15 million that O’Brien drew to his second show.

Former “Burn Notice” star Seth Peterson burned his pregnant wife by leaving her for a 23-year-old.

FOX’s Batman prequel has found another villain: Jada Pinkett Smith has been tapped to play “Gotham”‘s Fish Mooney, a sadistic gangster with street smarts and a short temper.

Katy Perry’s left hand has a ring on it… but no officially announcement yet that she and John Mayer are engaged.

Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera got engaged on Valentine’s Day to her steady, Matthew Rutler.

One of the singers of Abba says that the reason the group wore such “out there” costumes was because, if their clothes were so bizarre looking that they couldn’t be worn on the streets, they could be used as a tax deduction, according to Swedish tax law.

Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen have welcomed their first child into the world, a boy.

Nokia has introduced Treasure Tag, a $30 device that will help you find your keys.

What you knew as Microsoft’s SkyDrive is being rebranded… as OneDrive.

When you’re president, you don’t just watch a private screening of “Monuments Men” at the White House. You watch it with your family and the stars themselves, George Clooney, Matt Damon and Bill Murray.

Ceelo Green tells Ellen that you’ve seen the last of him on “The Voice.” Done. Over.

Bob Casale, who played guitar for Devo, has died of heart failure. He was just 61.

101-YEAR-OLD MAN RUNNING FOR CONGRESS – A Sarasota, Florida, man says he has the experience necessary to earn a seat in Congress. And so Joe Newman is launching a bid for the U.S. House of Representatives. What makes Joe unique is his age: he’s 101.

PRESIDENT OBAMA IS SELLING VIAGRA  – President Barack Obama is moonlighting as a product spokesman in Pakistan, though he may not know it. Obama’s face is plastered on packets of Viagara pills, a drug that is technically outlawed in Pakistan. The pills are being smuggled into the country. Sales are reportedly exploding as desperate men are willing to break the law to improve their sexual prowess.

“Time” magazine just put out a list of the most influential CANDY BARS of all time.  Kit Kat came in first because it encouraged sharing and was the first candy bar that became popular worldwide.  Hershey’s Milk Chocolate came in second, Toblerone is third, Nestle Milk Chocolate is fourth, and Snickers is fifth. 

A 35-year-old man in Phoenix was arrested the day after Valentine’s Day for assaulting his girlfriend . . . because he didn’t understand how Facebook works.  When he looked at her news feed, he saw a bunch of stuff other GUYS had posted, and thought the messages were being sent directly to HER.  So he held her captive for over 12 hours until she finally got him to leave and called police. 

A waiter in L.A. got a $7,000 tip . . . but threw out the receipt with the signature on it because he thought it was a mistake.