Avoid These Top Time Wasters- Spend More Time With Your Sweetie!

Want to spend more time with your significant other? Here are 50 small but important time wasters that keep you from having one on one time together:

1. Courtesy calls
2. Automated telephone systems
3. Worrying about what might happen
4. Waiting in line at the supermarket
5. Unnecessary packaging
6. Traffic jams
7. Waiting in line
8. Roadworks
9. Waiting for someone to call back
10. Self-service checkouts
11. TV advertisements
12. Waiting for pages to load on a computer
13. Candy Crush
14. Facebook
15. People that won’t listen to you
16. When you’ve got a lot of e-mails to open and they don’t apply to you
17. Dusting when the dust is just going to settle all over again
18. Cleaning
19. Advertisements before movies at the theater
20. Untangling your headphone cables
21. Cleaning the windows in the winter
22. Commuting
23. Taking the wrong turn on the highway
24. Surfing between television channels
25. Putting away your groceries
26. Twitter
27. Diet food that looks good but is gross to make
28. EastEnders (a British TV show)
29. Waiting for delayed trains
30. Watching Come Dine With Me repeats
31. People who give you bad directions
32. Soap operas
33. Tidying up
34. Clearing up a mess after you spill something
35. Waiting for the washing machine to finish
36. Waiting for water to boil
37. Watching sport games
38. Caffeine free tea and coffee
39. Booking a doctor’s appointment
40. Long term gym contracts
41. Waiting for YouTube downloads to stream
42. Pizza’s with crust that’s too thick
43. Waiting for your gas tank to fill up
44. Having to take stuff back to the store because it doesn’t fit
45. Trying to figure out train timetables
46. Waiting for nails to dry
47. Cooking a big meal but no one is hungry
48. Waiting for the bath to run
49. De-icing the car
50. Trying to book concert tickets online