(from AskMen.com)

  1. The Orifice Phenomenon — Burping, farting, spitting, snot rockets. Would you want woman to start doing that around you?
  2. Adjusting the privates — They’re not going anywhere, wait until you’re alone to itch or adjust.
  3. Listening… when you feel like it — Men have an ability to pick and choose key words in a coversation… food, sex, Jackie Chan.
  4. Tuning Out — Woman can’t help but to have at least 10 things on their mind at once, but men have this incredible ability to just pull back and zone out. How?
  5. Leaving a Trail — Men have an ability to leave a trail to wherever they are… food, clothing, pots and pans.
  6. Clippings and Shavings — How would you like to find tampon wrappers and armpit hairs all over the bathroom. Clean up after yourself.
  7. Unobservant, plainly stated — Open yourself up to the insignificant things, like a new perfume she’s wearing, or a new haircut.
  8. The “I’m sick, take care of me syndrome” — Stop whining and appreciate when she takes care of you.
  9. The Wandering Eye — Learn the fine art of discretion. If you’re staring at another woman, don’t make it obvious to us.