In the late night wars, Jimmy Fallon’s numbers slipped a little this week, while Jimmy Kimmel’s rose.

Kanye West and fiance Kim Kardashian have reportedly set a wedding date. Us Weekly says the couple is planning to finally get hitched in Paris on May 24.

Justin Bieber is on the cover of Rolling Stone, which features an article that calls him “The Wolf of Sesame Street.”

While “Glee” is ready to end after season six, Leah Michele says she’d be up for continuing her role as Rachel in a spinoff.

Conan O’Brien is going to host the MTV Movie Awards this year.

Mila Kunis is going to guest-star on “Two and a Half Men.”

According to Nielsen, live TV viewing dipped slightly to five hours and four minutes from 5 hours and 10 minutes in the fourth quarter of 2012. The amount of time spent watching time-shifted TV rose to 32 minutes from 27 minutes a year ago. The amount of time Americans spent watching video on a smart phone was 1 hour 23 minutes per month.

Leah Remini will star in a TLC docuseries from the producers of “Duck Dynasty.” The half-hour docuseries follows the former “King of Queens” star and ex-Scientologist’s life and showcases how the girl from Brooklyn is living in Los Angeles.

Chipotle says if the climate change gets much worse, it will stop serving guacamole… because of the soaring price of avocados.

Microsoft has introduced its answer to SIRI, a digital assistant called Cortana.

Angelina Jolie says that her appearance in costume as Maleficent on the cover of Entertainment Weekly scared son Pax to tears, and other kids “wouldn’t come near me.”

The Disney animated film “Frozen” has reached the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office.

Celine Dion’s husband Rene Angelil is recovering after secretly undergoing surgery for throat cancer, 15 years after he last battled the disease.

Peyton Manning has passed a physical and has been cleared to play in 2014.

As much as it looked spontaneous, that whole Samsung Selfie bit at the Oscars was part of a $20 million campaign.

Shakira says she loves having kids, is happy with her 4-year relationship with a Spanish soccer player, but has no desire to get married.

MAN SUES CASINO FOR LETTING HIM LOSE $500,000 WHILE DRUNK – So if a bar over-serves an obviously-drunk customer, and that customer goes out and gets in a car wreck, there are laws in which the bar could be liable for damages. So, what about casinos? Mark Johnston visited a Vegas casino during Super Bowl weekend, got drunk, and lost $500,000. He’s now suing the casino for letting him bet while drunk.

A 95-year-old WWII veteran just wanted to cheer on the runners who were passing by his house in San Jose, California. But to his surprise, they were more interested in cheering for him – with many of the runners veering off-course to shake his hand and thank him for his service. The runners were competing in an 8K to benefit the Pat Tillman Foundation. | video

911? MY NEIGHBORS WON’T DRINK WITH ME – In Fort Pierce, Florida, a man was arrested for misuse of the city’s emergency services phone system after he called 911 to complain to police that, despite it being his birthday, his neighbors would not drink with him.

Apple might be adding live voicemail screening to iPhones, so you can screen calls and pick up while someone’s still leaving a message.

Every year, a study comes out showing that March Madness costs U.S. businesses hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.  Well . . . the people actually RUNNING businesses disagree.  A new survey found only 11% of executives think March Madness hurts productivity . . . and 32% say running an office pool has a positive impact on morale

Bad news for middle-aged meat lovers: people who eat a diet high in protein in middle age are a staggering four times more likely to die of cancer than people on a low-protein diet, according to new research. However, those over 65 who consumed more protein were less likely to die of cancer.