The Right & Wrong Times To Do Things

There is a right and wrong time for everything. Here’s the best times to do things, compiled by

  • Work on your most important tasks in the morning. That’s because, several hours before you wake up, your body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which increases your blood sugar and give you the energy you need to accomplish difficult tasks.
  • Make a presentation at 10am. That’s because your voice will be well- rested. Make sure you drink water, and not milk, before you plan on doing a lot of speaking, because milk can increase mucus, which is not good for your voice.
  • Take a short break and stretch three times a day. At 10:30 in the morning and 2:30 and 4:30 in the afternoon, do stretching exercises, to loosen up your back and shoulder muscles.
  • Use the late-morning hours to think and strategize big decisions. At this time of the day, your body temperature is rising, which means you’re more alert and your brain can process information better. Seduce someone at 11:55am. This is when their mood should be at its best, so ask some you’re interested in, or already seeing, out to lunch at this time.
  • Have a healthy protein snack, like nuts, around 2pm. This will increase your energy and keep you fill until dinner, so you won’t be sneaking a candy bar later in the afternoon.
  • Have a cup of coffee or take a walk at 3:00 in the afternoon, to help stay more alert.
  • Make and return calls at 3:30pm. The caffeine you drank at 3:00 should be kicking in right about now, and talking with people will help revive and stimulate your mood so you can finish the day on an “up” note.